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Updated e-Track Status as of August 8, 2022

As of August 8th, our e-Track system reprogramming is progressing but is not at the point where a September Interchange Track can be produced. Our next Interchange Track is planned for November 2022. more

LCCA’s New Video Update Series

The LCCA has recorded a series of videos for our membership which you’ll find both entertaining and helpful. The club values our members and we want them to use all of the many benefits the club has to offer. The LCCA completed the initial series of short videos introducing many of the LCCA’s benefits and programs to both longtime members and those who have just joined. Other videos will follow. These videos will serve to peel back the first layer of how to effectively use your LCCA membership. more

Updated Status of LCCA online eTrack

The delay in getting eTrack back online after the club moved its website to a new server is truly disappointing. The club did prematurely announce a successful reboot, only to later acknowledge that eTrack was not up and not work. Unfortunately, eTrack is still off-line. Here is an update of what happened, what is planned and why. more
 LCCA receives Donation for Support of Junior Member and Children

LCCA receives Donation for Support of Junior Member and Children's Program

The LCCA recently received an unsolicited donation of $1,000 from a Charitable Trust based in Georgia to support club-sponsored Special Events focused on kids. The Coker Creek Trust (CCT) once again recognizes the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) for its charitable work in our nation’s communities. more

Origins of the LCCA - 1995 interview with Jim Gates

Back in August, 1995 The Lion Roars published the first of six subsequent articles about the history of the LCCA. These six articles celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the LCCA. This, the first of that series is an in depth interview with the club founder Jim Gates (Charter Member #1) done by Dennis DeVito (HM #6758). Sit back and re-live those earlier days from the eyes of Jim Gates. more