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NEW - Lionel Catalog Scans for years 1996-2010

NEW - Lionel Catalog Scans for years 1996-2010. These newly added scans cover the Lionel Catalogs issued in the years 1996-2010. With all Lionel Catalogs from 1900 to 1995 available in the printed archives of this website and Lionel Catalogs from 2011 to current on the Lionel site, the LCCA website offers ALL LIONEL CATALOGS FROM 1900 TO CURRENT. An added bonus is the inclusion of Century Club Catalogs. more

John Fisher - LCCA Member DM 6541 - passed away August 3, 2023

John Fisher - LCCA Member DM 6541 - passed away August 3, 2023. John held many elected offices between 1998 and 2011, including club President 2001-2003. The impact of his long years of service to the Club are still felt today. Many People first got involved with the LCCA thanks to John Fisher. more

LCCA’s New Video Update Series

The LCCA has recorded a series of videos for our membership which you’ll find both entertaining and helpful. The club values our members and we want them to use all of the many benefits the club has to offer. The LCCA completed the initial series of short videos introducing many of the LCCA’s benefits and programs to both longtime members and those who have just joined. Other videos will follow. These videos will serve to peel back the first layer of how to effectively use your LCCA membership. more

LCCA Announces 2023 Election Results

LCCA Announces the Winners of the 2023 election of Officers and Directors. Please join your LCCA Leadership Team in congratulating the following newly elected officers and directors. We thank them for their service to our club in the capacities shown below. And a special thank you to everyone who put their name forward. more

Origins of the LCCA - 1995 interview with Jim Gates

Back in August, 1995 The Lion Roars published the first of six subsequent articles about the history of the LCCA. These six articles celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the LCCA. This, the first of that series is an in depth interview with the club founder Jim Gates (Charter Member #1) done by Dennis DeVito (HM #6758). Sit back and re-live those earlier days from the eyes of Jim Gates. more