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Origins of the LCCA - 1995 interview with Jim Gates

Back in August, 1995 The Lion Roars published the first of six subsequent articles about the history of the LCCA.  These six articles celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the LCCA.  This, the first of that series is an in depth interview with the club founder Jim Gates (Charter Member #1) done by Dennis DeVito (HM #6758).  Sit back and re-live those earlier days from the eyes of Jim Gates.

The original article is available here in PDF form by clicking the links below.  LOG IN TO MEMBER'S ONLY SECTION TO VIEW 

 - August 1995 - page 18 - Click Here

 - August 1995 - page 19 - Click Here

 - August 1995 - page 22 - Click Here

 - August 1995 - Page 23 - Click Here

Thank You Jim for your insights, motivation, perseverance, and leadership even from the club's earliest days.  The Seeds you planted grew into "The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet!"