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LCCA Product Announcements

The LCCA endeavors to be the leader in the toy train hobby in innovative and interesting items for your Lionel train collecting and operating enjoyment. Our Product Development team is always busy at work on new ideas. The following are new items that are currently or were available in the LCCA store (if already released) and available at the Norfolk convention for purchase.


The Texas Special NW2 Cow and Calf Set PLUS Diamonds Mint Car

Texas Special NW2 SetThe LCCA is delighted to issue this exquisite set including a limited edition Texas Special Diamonds Mint Car to complement our Texas Special reefer car that commemorated the Dallas convention in 2011. The Texas Special paint scheme is a favorite of train collectors and the reefer was one of our most sought after convention cars. The set will have available in addition 3 additional cars - a bay window caboose, flat car with helicopter, and unibody tank car later. There w ill be a strict limit of 995 sets made of the engines and mint car.

This set is available for advance ordering in the LCCA Store now! Don't miss out on this one!

2012 Convention Car - A Patriotic Salute in Norfolk Southern Paint

NS Patriotic BoxcarSome railroad decor schemes are really eye catching, and we believe this onewill be one of the most unique we offered. This one is especially unique for the 51 LED lights on the car - 50 in the stars of the flag and one i n the eagles eye. It features a EOT device and has all the top pf the line features you expect from Lionel. The car celebrates our convention Norfolk. Delivery is expected by late December 2012. Designed by the LCCA and made by Lionel LLC exclusively for club members, this item will be an attention grabber on your layout or display shelf. This car was available for pre-order until approximately June 30, 2012.


Junior Member Car #1 - Dinosaur Transport Gondola

JM Dinosaur GondolaThe first car in the series for Junior members (JM's) will be limited to 500 pieces. This dynamite-looking car is just right for every Junior member. The gondola has postwar die-cast trucks, bright colorful graphics, and several prehistoric critters for enhanced play value. The selection of dinosaurs will be mixed for the sake of variety. Sorry not currently available to order - check back later for next Jr Member offering.


Alamo Mint Car2011 Dallas Convention Offerings

#1 - Early Registration Gift - "Remember the Alamo" Mint Car

Always popular and "FREE" to the first 400 registrants that also register at the host hotel. This commemorative mint car includes cannon balls and cannon inside the car. The convention is history now and regular availability has passed. Click here for more information on the convention.

SF Engraving Mint Car#2 - On-Site Car - Santa Fe Bureau of Engraving Mint Car

In commemoration of tours to the Fort Worth Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility that were available at the convention, this Santa Fe Bureau of Engraving Mint car with actual shredded paper money inside was a great memento of the tour and visit to the Fort Worth area and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Click here for more information on this tour that was held.

Texas Railroad Police car#3 - Texas Railroad Police Car

Continuing this popular series of limited-edition die-cast Railroad Police cars, this Texas Railroad Police car was made exclusively for the LCCA by Diecast Direct, Inc. for the Dallas convention. This is the #4 car in the series done for the LCCA.  The stunning paint scheme and unique graphics on this Ford Crown Victoria police series car is a must have.

Super Chief Dairy#4 - Super Chief Dairy Divco Delivery Truck

Created especially for the LCCA, this Super Chief Dairy Divco milk delivery truck has been adorned with graphics to pay tribute to the Santa Fe, a railroad in the "neighborhood". The color scheme and graphics are stunning and will enhance any layout. The commemorative was designed and made exclusively for the LCCA by Diecast Direct, Inc.

#5 - "Desert Dwelling" Divco Mini-Diorama

This "very" limited-edition first of its kind offering is a mini-diorama created just for the 2011 convention. The mini-diorama features an abandoned Divco milk van with a lighted campfire and wandering nomad. This exciting accessory will be welcome to any layout.