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LCCA Members have a 10% Discount at the Lionel Store -

How To Receive Your Lionel Product Discount - Membership in the LCCA includes a 10% discount on products ordered through the Lionel LLC store. To receive your discount, call the Lionel Store (800-628-6202) and give the sales representative your name and LCCA club member number. You will be given the final price and pay with a credit card over the phone. more

History of LCCA Convention Cars

On this page is the history of the first 25 LCCA Convention Cars offered from our first convention in 1971 through our 25th anniversary in 1995. This comprehensive review of these cars was written by Bill Button (3835) for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. more

Comparison of LCCA Membership Types

To help individuals better understand the types of LCCA Membership opportunities, here is a chart comparing the 4 principle LCCA Membership types. more

Lionel sends 2021 Catalog to LCCA Members

Lionel has announced its 2021 Catalog and has it posted on their website. It is also available and can be reached from the LCCA site. As in prior years, Lionel has sent the 2021 catalog to all LCCA addresses (US and Canada only) with current active memberships on record at the business office on November 6, 2020. more