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History of LCCA Convention Cars

On this page is the history of the first 25 LCCA Convention Cars offered from our first convention in 1971 through our 25th anniversary in 1995 and continuing through 1997. This comprehensive review of these cars first published in The Lion Roars starting June 1989, was written by Bill Button (DM 3835) for our 25th Anniversary Celebration.

The LCCA's earliest convention cars started out as standard SKU cars offered by Lionel.  These cars were purchased, sent to a third party for selective LCCA provided overstamp images, forwarded to a fulfillment house that distributed them to members.  In fact, the two earliest cars were transformed from standard product to a club convention car with a manual stamp on the bottom of the car.  Otherwise they were not distinguished from their source SKU.  A lot has been written in TLR on how to determine the authenticity of these cars and prove their pedigree.  Because of this, these earlier cars did not have their own numbers as more recent cars have assigned to them by Lionel.  As an aside, this process is similar to convention registration gifts, on-site cars and other offerings.  

Another difference between earlier cars and more recent offerings is in the way they were distributed.  For years, the convention car was physically available at the convention and given to members who had purchased them.  Remaining cars were then mailed. This was practical then because of the somewhat lessor lead time to overstamp an existing car than to order and manufacture cars with today's extended timelines and delivery schedules.  All LCCA convention cars have some LCCA cachet, date of convention and year mostly discretly added.  Most cars come in boxes Lionel currently had available.  Later cars came in boxes deco'ed exclusively for the LCCA

Over the years, the LCCA upped their game, got away from modifying existing product and started to define, spec out and build LCCA cars each carrying their own Lionel SKU number.  In fact, some cars like the 1979 Airco box car with internal tank and the 2012 US forces lighted box cars were quite unique.  The LCCA thought in terms of "decade trains' with one engine and one caboose each decade.  As new cars and engines are issued, this theme continues - ie the recent Texas Special offerings and the current UP offerings.

Bill details in his articles so much more on each of the first 25 Convention Cars offered by the LCCA.  Read them, come back for reference and enjoy some of the history of the LCCA.  Click Here To see more LCCA Convention Cars and Special Offerings.

History of LCCA Convention Cars - The First 25 Years

Year Description Click Here to Read More
 9210 Automobile Car 

Part 1 - June 1989

Reprint Here

             9727 TAG Box Car -  9110 Corning Hopper               

Part 2 - August 1989

Reprint Here

9155 Tank Car - 9212 Flat Car with Vans

Part 3 - October 1989

Reprint Here

9259X Caboose - 9728 UP Stock Car 

Part 4 - December
Reprint Here
9733 Airco Box Car - 9358 Sands of Iowa Quad Hopper

Part 5 - February 1990

Reprint Here

                8068 - RI GP20 Diesel - 9435 CG Box Car          

Part 6 - April 1990

Reprint Here

9460 DTS Box Car - 6112 Commonwealth Quad Hopper

Part 7 - June 1990

Reprint Here

7403 LNAC Box Car - 6567 ICG Crane 

Part 8 - August 1990
Reprint Here
    6323 Virginia Chemical Tanker - 17870 ECH Boxcar          

Part 9 - October 1990

Reprint Here

9155 Tank Car - 9212 Flat Car with Vans

Part 10 - December 1990

Reprint Here

18090 DRG Steam Engine and 17880 DRG Caboose 

Part 11 - August 1991
Reprint Here
 17887 and 17888 Flat with Trailer

Part 12 - October 1991

Reprint Here

 52023 NASA Tank Car

Part 13 - December 1992

Reprint Here

52023 DTS Center Flow 2 Bay Hopper

Part 14 - June 1990

Reprint Here

52038 Southern 3 Bay Hopper

Part 15 - December 1994

Reprint Here

52074 IBP Box Car

Part 16 - October 1995

Reprint Here

52090 PM Double Door Standard O Box Car

Part 17 - October 1996

Reprint Here

52110 CSPM&O Box Car

Part 18 - October 1997
Reprint Here