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Lionel Announces Exclusive LCCA Triplex Vision Line Locomotive

This week, Lionel Announced another installment of exclusive LCCA Vision line locomotives. This year's issue is a highly detailed model of the massive Triplex locomotive easily identified with its three sets of drive wheels - with one of the sets of drive wheels directly under the tender. This limited edition LCCA version of this engine celebrating the year of our Omaha Convention is named for Joseha Lionel Cowen, the founder of Lionel. It is a Lionel/LCCA exclusive only available to LCCA members. The tender heralds 'Lionel Trains' with an engine number 2024 boldly stamped on the sand dome. This is a full featured Lionel Vision Locomotive with all the bells and whistles currently available. This engine has the Lionel SKU #2401330

Why the third set of driving wheels under the tender? As you might guess, it is to add traction effort. This locomotive was built as a 'Banker' or helper engine to assist road engines. It operated mostly at low to moderate speeds but had the power and traction to be the 'big hand' to push any train forward. With the third set of drivers under the tender, it was somewhat unusual, and had a limited supply of coal and water. The smaller tender was not a serious issue as this engine operated near a support yard where water and coal were readily available. 

This LCCA exclusive is a full feature vision line engine, a top-of-the-line unit. The extensive feature set of this engine are detailed in this Lionel brochure. The exclusive LCCA version (Number 2024) is shown on page 5. For hi-res printable versions of this brochure, click on the links below these images. This engine is 27 1/4 " long and requires a minimum curve of 072.

This magnificent engine is available only to LCCA members. They are sold by the LCCA on a preorder basis. Like past offerings, it is only available by calling the business office. Call 815-223-0115 and ask for Cathy to obtain the price for the LCCA Triplex and order yours. Purchase this engine and receive a one-year membership extension ($43.00 value) and Free Shipping ($50.00 value). Reminder, this unit can ONLY be ordered by calling the LCCA business office (815-223-0115). There is no limit on the number of engines you may order. The engines will be shipped insured and will require a signature when delivered by Federal Express.  ORDER DEADLINE NOVEMBER 20, 2023. Shipping is anticipated to be the 4th quarter of 2024. ORDER DEADLINE extended to Monday, NOVEMBER 27, 2023.

Time to order this item has Past - No further orders will be taken.