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LCCA Offsets Postal Cost Increases

In the last few years, postage rate increases have become more frequent and have increased the cost of business for all organizations, the LCCA being no exception with its almost 90,000 magazines and other pieces of mail per year to members. If left unchecked, these additional costs would lead to increases in annual dues with no increase in services or benefits. In an effort to offset these increases, The editors of The Lion Roars (TLR) and the Interchange Track (IT) together with our printer have developed a plan to be more efficient in how our magazines are mailed. The result is a more efficient, cost reduced way to distribute our magazines, while protecting them from damage. There is no reduction in member benefit, just in when information is received. Remember eTrak, being digital and not quite as convenient as paper, is the real time Interchange Track available 24/7. Here is the official announcement by the IT editor, Barrie Braden.

We’re making Some Changes to Interchange Track! Your May 2023, Interchange Track will arrive in a see-through protective plastic bag along with the June, 2023, edition of The Lion Roars. Regular members will still receive four Interchange Track publications per year – February; June; October; December – each in a protective plastic bag with a copy of the The Lion Roars. For the month of April, members will receive the fifth issue of The Lion Roars. The number of publications (five per year of The Lion Roars; four per year of the Interchange Track) does not change. What does change is the speed of delivery of the Interchange Track due to a higher postal classification in conjunction with The Lion Roars. Your Interchange Track should arrive in better condition than has been experienced when combined with The Lion Roars into a protective plastic bag. By placing The Lion Roars into these bags, the cost of producing a special outer cover for The Lion Roars is eliminated which offsets the postal rate increase experienced the first of 2023. Still the same great publications; just a change in the delivery method. Look for these publications to arrive in subsequent months to follow. 

           Barrie Braden – Editor, Interchange Track