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LCCA Opens New Tours for its 2023 Convention!

LCCA opens new tours for its 2023 Convention! The response to the 2023 Concord Convention has been exceptional. Two tours, the visit to the Lionel Facility, and the Wednesday NASCAR Motor Sports tour to multiple racing team shops quickly filled up. The Lionel and the LCCA have been able to open an additional tour to the Lionel facility on Wednesday morning and another Wednesday tour to visit two different NASCAR racing teams.

Tour 18 has been opened for Wednesday Morning visit to the Lionel facility for 120 attendees, making it possible for a total of 600 Convention attendees to enter facility and take the tour. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to expand beyond this number and those wishing to visit Lionel on this tour should sign up before the last remaining seats are sold.

Tour 19 has been added for those who wish to visit a racing team facility but were unable to register for tour 10.  Tour 10 was quickly sold out as the team venues were only available to offer 150 seats. Added Tour #19 will consist of a visit to JRM and the Penske facilities. Tour 19 will have the same tour times and cost as Tour 10. 

The remaining 2023 tour schedule can be accessed on the LCCA web store - Click Here for Remaining Tours