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eTrak- Phase 1 Complete - Time to enter ads!

eTrak – Phase 1 – Entering & Editing Your Listings

Phase 1 of the new eTrak system is now operational. Deadline to have your listings published into the November Interchange Track is October 9, 2022.

The new eTrak system is a unique and separate program, and therefore requires a separate log-in function using your member ID and password to this web address:   

Note the branding change of the word 'eTrak'. The system is not fully functional (see Phase 2, below), but developers have progressed to the point where a member can view, add, delete, edit, and select listings for publication into the next Interchange Track publication. 

Below is a step-by-step of the process: 
  • Log-In to and enter your member number and password.
  • Within your Dashboard, click “My Ads” to view a summary of your ad listings that were within the system at the time it was terminated back in March 2022. The pencil icon allows you to edit a listing; Click “SAVE CHANGES”; the trash bucket icon allows you to delete your listing. A prompt will appear for you to confirm your deletion.
  • Click “Create Ad” to add an additional listing within eTrak. Select your “Ad Type”; Advance the page by clicking NEXT; Within the “Product” page, select your manufacturer and era (just as you did under the older system); Enter a product number; Click Search; You will see a description of the product item numbers. Advance the page by clicking NEXT; Within the “Detail” page, complete the information (just as you did under the older system).  Within the “Price” box, enter ONLY IN WHOLE DOLLARS, your price (i.e., 60).  Do not include a decimal point.  If there is a box, check the block “Box”; Then select your box type (just as you did under the older system).  If there is no box, do not check the block “Box”.  Advance the page by clicking NEXT. Within the “Image” page, if you have a photo, upload your photo or use URL, then click NEXT. If you do not have a photo or use URL, advance by clicking NEXT. You should now be at the “Review” page.  If you need to make changes, click “PREVIOUS” which sends you back to the previous page; make corrections; move forward by clicking “NEXT”.  Review your listing and if correct, click “SUBMIT”.  Your screen will return to your summary of your ad listings where your new listing appears.
To have your listings published into the next Interchange Track, click on the box to the far left of each ad listing. You will see a check mark appear. If you want to remove a listing from publication but keep the listing within eTrak, do not put a check mark in the box.  There is no longer a requirement to click on a “Check Updated Ads” button to have your listings published.  This function has been deleted. 

Within your Dashboard, click “My Account” to view Time to Call; What Days; Shipping Information.  Change as needed and click “Save Changes”.

To view and print out hard copy of this new eTrak process - Click Here

eTrak – Phase 2 Search Function

There is more to come. Phase 2, the Ad Search and Product Search functions are currently being developed. Many hours have been spent checking the operational function prior to release. We are not perfect! Should you encounter a problem, please notify me.  Your continued patience as our developers work to restore full functionality of the new eTrak system is appreciated. 
Barrie Braden (RM 560)
eTrak – Interchange Track Editor
#LCCAeTrak                                                                                                                                                                9/10/2022