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LCCA is proud to offer a new Christmas Car for 2022.

The LCCA is proud to offer a new Christmas Car for 2022. First announced at the Annual Convention in Nashville, TN, it is finished in the same colorful and carefree style of prior LCCA Christmas Cars and makes a wonderful addition to the ongoing series or as a standalone reminder of a special year. 

This entirely new 2022 LCCA Christmas car is now ready to order. Carrying on the tradition of a yearly Christmas car for the holiday season started for the LCCA back in 2014. Then, as now, the car is a US printed and assembled car with custom artwork printed by Lionel in North Carolina. The Lionel production facility has improved their processes and this car, like recent Christmas cars has printing on the roof – This year in cheerful red, white and green font – quite festive.

The car highlights Santa on one side of the door, and his workshop on the other, counting down the days till Xmas. The door proudly proclaims 2022 and identifies the car as an LCCA product. The SKU of this car is 201470 – with only the 01470 showing on the car along with the build date of 2022.


This is another spectacular car in the LCCA Christmas Car series. Whether you have all 8 of the cars, or are selectively choosing cars, or just starting with this as your first car, be sure to order early. Quantities are Limited and a total sellout of this car is likely. Do not miss out. This is a limited-edition car, produced for the LCCA by Lionel in limited quantities; so order quickly! The Lionel part number is 2201470 with the last 5 digits (01470) appearing on the side of the car. 

Cost of the car is $89.00 plus $14.00 freight. Once sold out, they will not be reproduced.
  • Die-Cast Sprung Trucks Operating Couplers
  • Opening Doors
  • Metal Frame
  • Christmas Theme throughout and ‘over the top’ on the roof
  • Identified as LCCA and 2022 Christmas Notation
  • Unique LCCA Box
  • Minimum Curve: 027
  • Length: 10.5 inches
  • Made in the USA of US and imported parts
Don't miss out - with Christmas just a few months away (yes, it is still late summer, but Christmas is a little more than 4 months away. As with prior years, a limited number were ordered, and this car is sure to sell out.  Order yours today -

 This car can be ordered NOW! Click Here.  Due to high demand, members limited to one purchase of this car.

Expected Delivery Fall 2022