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Changes in convention tours 3/18 and Tour 15

We have been notified by our venues of time and itinerary changes for Tours # 3 & # 18. The second floor of the Tennessee State Capitol Building is under restoration at this time, and we will not be able to visit there. We will still have access to the 1st floor where most of the tour takes place. (Library, Senate Chambers, House Chambers, etc.)  For those getting capital building stamps, this opportunity has not changed. The tour will have extended time on the capital grounds and Centennial Park to see the Capitol building from a different perspective.  

Also, our Tour # 15 has a slight change as the venue pushed back the opening time at the civil war homes we will be visiting.  We will still tour both homes, but with the time change, we are limited to driving around the Town Square to provide a glimpse of this quaint little community, and still return in time for the Business meeting at the hotel. The tour may leave ½ hour later. Check at registration for more details.

These changes will not affect tour completion times. Questions or concerns from these tour changes, please let Cathy at the business office or Tour Director Dienzel Dennis know.