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LCCA Registration and Cancellation Policy

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) Convention Registration and Cancellation Policy

The LCCA invites and welcomes members to attend the annual LCCA Convention and Business Meeting and encourages them to register early. Early registration does a few things. 

1. Ensures the member is among the first to sign up for various tours and avoid being shut out when tour seating is limited.
2. Early registration (among the first 400 staying at the host hotel for three nights) assures member qualifies the Early Registration Gift from the Club.
3. Early Registration provides the club with the expected event and tour populations giving the club an idea of tour counts. This will allow best use of resources in planning and implementing tours.

The LCCA understands that sometimes, even the most solid of plans change and a member who registers in a timely manner would need to cancel their reservation. The LCCA cancellation policy is that members who have registered, may request a cancellation, and received a full refund if this refund request is received by the LCCA Business Office by May 31 of the convention year.

If you wish to change, add, or delete tours or event tickets, there is no penalty or fee prior to May 31. Contact the Business Office if you need to change your convention tour or event tickets. 

On June 1, the club starts to commit to various tour venues, and it incurs liabilities for its commitments. After June 1, the LCCA cannot guarantee a full refund due to these commitments. If a cancellation request is made after June 1, contact the LCCA Business Office.