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Distribution of Lionel Catalogs to LCCA Members

Lionel Catalog Distribution to Members De-Mystified

Throughout the year the LCCA business office receives numerous inquiries about Lionel catalogs.   Following are some facts which may help members better understand how the catalogs are provided.

  1. All Lionel catalogs are created and published by Lionel, LLC (the company).  Typically, there have been two publications per year.  A spring catalog(s) usually around February and a fall catalog(s) usually around September.

  2. Approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the catalog’s release, the company requests the LCCA provide a mailing list of our members.  If your membership is current and your address is correct in our records then your name will be on the list provided to the company.  If your membership has lapsed, your name will not be included on the mailing list.  If you are a new member and joined after the mailing list is provided the company your name is NOT on the list. 

  3. Once the company decides on a catalog release date, the catalog(s) are always shipped first to Lionel dealers and hobby stores.  At about the same time, the company posts the new catalog(s) to the company website at where all LCCA members may review the material and print same if they so desire.  A link to the current catalog is also on the Digital Publications page.

  4. Following the release of the catalog(s) to Lionel dealers, the company’s publisher begins mailing the catalog(s) to individual LCCA members.  This process may occur over several days and LCCA members in one part of the country may receive their catalog(s) at varying times.

  5. Lionel will send catalogs to US and Canadian addresses only.  Other and overseas members (members with numbers having the OR preface) will have full access to these catalogs on-line and they can view them when they log on as members from the digital page of this site. 

  6. At the same time the catalog(s) are being supplied to our members by the company, a limited supply of the same catalog(s) is provided to the LCCA business office in Peru, Illinois.  These catalogs are for the club’s use in replacing the catalog(s) of members whose catalog(s) may have arrived damaged.  Additionally, assuming the club has a sufficient supply, those members joining subsequent to the club providing the company with a mailing list, may be provided with a copy of the catalog at the club’s sole discretion.

  7. Each member receives a full year of magazines.  Should a US or Canadian member join after the catalog distribution list is sent to Lionel, they may not get that particular issue, but will receive the catalogs released the following year, with each annual membership getting one full year of catalogs.

  8. It is important to note our friends at Lionel, LLC (the company) gladly provide their latest publications to all active LCCA members at no charge to our club or individual members.  As you can imagine, this is a substantial expense to the company.  We are most grateful for the company’s willingness to provide this outstanding member benefit.  The publication and distribution of the catalog(s) is the sole purview of the company and the LCCA supports our Lionel friends!