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TinPlate Set is now in the US - now shipping (updated 12/31)

The Fire Apple Red tinplate cars and engine sets are shipping as of Monday 12/31. As we shared earlier, the engines are already here, having arrived in a different container and different ship. The cars and engines are beng mated and packaged and shipping. more
The 2013 convention car and the Texas Special Add-on Cars

The 2013 convention car and the Texas Special Add-on Cars

The 2013 convention car and the Texas Special Add-on Cars are now available at the web store ( Be sure to check it out and the new Lionel sets which are being offered. more

Quartered Drivers on General Sets - The Facts

Every general in recent years has un-quartered drivers. Lionel has confirmed that the LCCA Generals should have un-quartered drivers. There has been some mis-information on this issue and this story clarifies that issue, more

Tinplate Set scheduled shipped before year end

The Tinplate Set is on the water and due in the US 12/24. The club will do its best to send them to you by year end. more

All Generals Have shipped - Rave Reviews for this Special set

All of the 150th Anniversary Generals have been shipped. If you ordered one, you should have received it by Monday 11/19! Great reviews, comments and testimonials from members! more

General "Crew Talk" update

Here is a short video showing the operation of the two different tenders from the new LCCA General set. As you can see, they both have standard dialog or "crew talk" and each has a unique whistle. more

Revised Tinplate Delivery Schedule

Sets to leave china on NOVEMBER 19th. hit customs DECEMBER 19TH should be out the door by the 22nd. Expect before year end. more

Sandy delays General Engine Shipments

150th Anniversary General engines are at the club's mailing facility in Pennsylvania. They are labeled and ready to ship. I know everybody has been waiting but nobody could anticipate Hurricane SANDY's devastation. I made the call to halt the shipments last week based on the weather reports. more

Update on Generals and Tinplate Sets Updated 10/22

We have been provided with expected product delivery by Lionel and Lionel LLC for the Generals and Tinplate Sets. General is now shipping - the Tin Plate estimated 6-8 weeks. more

Status of Tinplate - as of September 25, 2012

We have received a number of differing dates from the vendor, and although we believe they were made in good faith, I did not feel we would publish another unobtainable date. In the process, weeks have passed and we did not publish what little we do know until now. more