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News on the 150th Anniversary General Delivery Schedule – revised 9/13

The  150th anniversary Generals have been confirmed to have left the Orient and are scheduled to arrive at our distribution vendor by October 19th!   They will ship immediately to members who have paid in full – and these members should expect product by October 29.  I will ask Cathy at the business office to start processing the second half of payments for those members who elected to order using the two payment method after October 1st.  It is possible that during the order period, credit cards could have changed or renewed, making it necessary to contact members. Please be responsive to her requests, either e-mail, phone or US mail.  At this time we are not able to use the web site to process second half payments – these must be done through the business office.  Members who get their second payment completed by October 9th, will have their orders shipped on October 19th.

Thanks for your support and for ordering these wonderful units.  Like you, I look forward to seeing them arrive.

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member