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News from the LCCA Product Development Shop

Delivery of LEGACY Buildings Set
Some members who ordered this three-piece building set may be puzzled when they receive only TWO boxes from LCCA. One box contains two pieces, and the other box contains one piece; thus all three pieces are accounted for. We realize some members may not immediately open the shipping boxes to see what’s inside, but there’s no cause for worry about a “missing” piece.

Three Legacy Buildings

The premiere of the new three-piece Legacy™ building set is presented to club members in the October 2009 issue of The Lion Roars club magazine. Designed by LCCA and Produced by Lionel® as a limited edition for our members, the set includes a Switch Tower, Crossing Shanty, and Amtrak Passenger Shelter. Lionel was so impressed with these structures that they purchased several sets for use on their display layouts.

All three buildings are lighted. This set will be a colorful addition to any layout. These three buildings will complement other Legacy structures to be offered soon by Lionel in their catalog to the public.

These items are IN STOCK and ready to ship, so there’s NO WAITING. To assure delivery in time for holiday giving, LCCA suggests that members mail an order postmarked on or before December 5 or place an order online at the LCCA Store at the club’s website on or before December 10. The supply is limited, so DON’T DELAY.

Opportunity to Purchase
LCCA-sponsored products are limited editions made by Lionel exclusively for club members. If you have an interest in this or other products but are not yet a member of LCCA, go to the JOIN THE CLUB panel of the website (below the animation), click on “GO,” and follow the directions. We’ll welcome you aboard and enable you to shop in the LCCA STORE.

by Lou Caponi RM 8735