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Message from new JM co-chairs

Hello Junior Members and greetings from the proud train town of Wheaton, Illinois.   This is Dawn Balamut and my son Tyler.  We are the new LCCA Kids Club co-chairs.   We have both been around Lionel, LCCA and toy trains for all our lives.  As the daughter and grandson of our former LCCA president Dennis DeVito we both were introduced to the hobby young and have surrounded by it for many years.  We have a goal to expand the hobby to the young.  Getting as many kids as possible interested in the hobby of toy trains and to make the LCCA Kids Club fun and something to look forward to kids everywhere.  We want to host activities that all of you want to attend and enjoy.  We want to write and create articles that each of you will want to read and hopefully learn something new.  In short we want to expand the hobby to all of you and to kids for generations to come.

How to we plan to do this?  What is it that all kids are looking for?  We think the answer to these questions is to make the hobby Fun!   While the activities available to all LCCA members such as the local gatherings and LCCA convention trips can be fun for all, we want to find other ways that focus on kids.  We understand that kids have fun differently than the adult members.  The two of us are working now to find ways to do this.  Over the next few years hopefully we can help our younger members and all kids in general to unlock the fun of Lionel and toy train collecting and engineering.  Please help us!  We want to hear from you kids.   Please send us all your ideas on:  Articles to write in the newsletter, activities and locations to schedule up, train products for Lionel you want them to build.  Any and all your ideas are welcome.  For those budding authors and photographers out there who would like you to know that all LCCA junior members are welcome to write articles and to submit pictures to the Lion Cub news article?

We both look forward to meeting you and can't wait to get started on our quest to increase the FUN!

Dawn and Tyler Balamut