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Message from LCCA President Regarding Club Products

The purpose of this note is to provide you with an update on the Lionel Collectors Club (LCCA) product offerings.   We have recently sold out and have stopped taking any new member orders for the 2015 LCCA convention car (Flat bed with Trucks).  

Thank you to all of the members who supported the club and ordered these desirable club products.   We know you will enjoy these desirable products once received.  

We still have a few remaining LCCA 2015 Christmas boxcars.  To order yours, please go to our website Link to LCCA Store or contact our business office to place your order.  These are beautiful holiday season cars that we are certain you will enjoy.  

 If you like Lionelville products, then you will certainly want to order your Lionelville die cast vehicles.  This will make a great holiday season gift!  

Stay tuned in future issues of The Lion Roars and IT for an upcoming Holiday Season Sale.   We are reviewing our inventory and will be offering some limited quantity of products available for purchase.   We plan to have some products from our 45th Annual convention held July 20-25, 2015 in Danvers, MA.   

Our club product sales generate the revenue to support all of our Special Events and other club activities throughout the year.    We appreciate those who purchase our limited edition, collectible club products and hope you continue to do so.   This is the lifeblood of our club.   So thank you!   

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Al Kolis
President, CEO  & Fellow Member
Lionel Collectors Club of America