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Lionel Golden Logo Rematch at LCCA’s 44th Annual Convention in Indy (Recap)

The gauntlet was thrown, the challenge was accepted, the stage was set, but the rematch was a mismatch.  On July 25, 2014, Team LCCA consisting of Al Kolis and Dennis DeVito were thoroughly trounced by the young upstart Lionel team consisting of Mike Reagan and Meegan Untereker in a Lionel FasTrack layout building contest held at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis IN during the LCCA’s 44th Annual Convention.  The Lionel team built the randomly selected track plan (selected by team Lionel) the fastest and walked away with the coveted Lionel Golden Logo prize.  This classic battle was a  rematch of the event held during Lionel’s March 22 Red Carpet Event in Concord NC.  Team Lionel won the first extremely close contest on a technicality, so the LCCA wanted a rematch at a neutral sight.  This time, it wasn’t even close.  Team LCCA trained hard during the convention week, but it was not enough.  Team Lionel thoroughly defeated Team LCCA for a second consecutive time.

However, there was technical errors in the track plan, it took another team of LCCA members (after the competition) 1 hour and 5 minutes to build the layout, due to errors in track plan.  The LCCA is re-challenging Team Lionel to a rematch in the future (make it best of seven, LOL).  If Lionel is up to it, Team LCCA may decide to bring in the professionals and have some of our LCCA Junior Members represent the LCCA in future competitions.  They will probable do a better job!
The winning team went home with the Lionel Golden L Logo, while the second place team had to perform the Locomotion dance during the Saturday evening banquet in front of the entire crowd of LCCA members.  It was another fun and entertaining event where all of the LCCA Convention attendees and the group from Lionel had a great time!  Thank you Lionel for supporting our convention and making this Lionel FasTrack Layout building contest so much fun!  We hope you now have what it takes to come back to the track and do battle again.  GO LCCA!!!!

Al Kolis
President Elect & Special Events Manager
Lionel Collectors Club of America