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LCCA Introduces New Lower Price Membership Category!

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) is proud to announce the creation of a new category of club membership, designated Electronic Membership (EM), effective April 1, 2014.   New LCCA members may chose to join the club as EM’s at a reduced rate of only $25/year with the same rights and privileges as the current LCCA Regular Members (RM’s).  
LCCA President Dennis DeVito is proud to introduce this new membership category and allow current members the option to access to the club magazines digitally while reducing the cost of membership.  “This new EM classification will appeal to an emerging generation that prefers to gather news and information primarily from the internet” 

This new category allows for people who desire to have digital access to the award winning LCCA Club publication, 'The Lion Roars', the Junior Member Publication, 'The Lion Cub', on-line and LCCA trading magazine, the 'Interchange Track' to use new catalog software in the Members Only section of our website  EM's will not receive hard copy printed publications delivered by the USPS.  All EM’s will have full access to e-track, the electronic version of our club publication “Interchange Track” and to all areas of our website including the Web Store.  

This new membership category is available to all new LCCA members AND to existing members who chose to change their membership classification at time of their renewal.   An EM can upgrade their membership to a RM status at any time, but a RM can only change to becoming an EM at time of membership renewal.  

There is no change for any LCCA Regular Members (RM) and Junior Members (JM).  These members will continue to receive their hard copy publications, plus have access to the electronic files in the Members Only Section on our Website.  

We feel this new, optional Electronic Membership category will allow the LCCA to appeal to a younger web savvy audience and will be vital to our long term success and sustainability of the club.   We are always looking for ways to improve our club and enhance the membership experience by adding additional value to our members.  The Train Hobby is changing, and new hobbyists have different preferences than many of us more seasoned individuals.  The LCCA is reaching out to these new hobbyists as well as maintaining the benefits and features of regular membership    

The LCCA is also actively seeking new LCCA Junior Members (JM’s) who are members under the age of 18 years.  If you know of someone who is under 18 years old and has an interest in Lionel Trains specifically and toy trains in general, please consider sponsoring or provide them with a gift membership into the LCCA.  (The cost of the JM membership has been recently reduced to $25.00 per year).  

I welcome all new LCCA members and appreciate the continued support and participation of our current members.   It is our members that make the club such a worthwhile organization to belong to.  Thank YOU!

Al Kolis
LCCA  President Elect and Special Events Manager.
Lionel Collectors Club of America