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LCCA Survey Question #1 - Results

Here are the actual results of LCCA Survey #1

Results of LCCA Survey #1 - Click Here

LCCA comments on the results of poll question 1.

Scope - 7 questions -  the first poll questions all related to the club and its activity

Number of participants - 338 (as of 3/2) - while most filled out question 1 - 40 members or so did not fill out questions 2-7.  This is an area of interest - did members not know there were more questions or did they not want to complete for some reason.

Observations - Comments and feedback were interesting. 

  1. Different members had different points of view on the same subjects  - some in favor, some opposed
  2. Some comments were brutal and painful to read - but the LCCA leadership is willing to take honest criticism from members
  3. Some members do not have the correct info re: club activity.  More on this later as we respond to the general comments offered by members to the club.
  4. The only change to comments in our response was to eliminate identifying info (i.e. delete member name/number).  Other than that, all comments are listed - The good, the bad and the ugly.

Surprises -

  1. Some non members took the time to take the poll.  If they are interested in what the club is doing, we invite them to join.
  2. For 3% of respondents this was their first visit to the web site.  While wonderful they are here, it was surprising that a member with a computer would not have been there already.
  3. 10% of our membership was never on the members only side of the web site.  This seems like too high a number given all the references we make to it.
  4. A larger issue to us, 2% of members did not know we had a members only section of the web.
  5. Question 5 gave members an opportunity to respond on their experiences on the web site.  a number of problems were identified by members.  While problems can be and are real, and we hear about many of them, some mentioned were new to us.  We encourage members to contact the business office with issues.  We are unable to address them if not presented to us.
  6. One member indicates he directs all LCCA correspondence to his junk mail file - as a result this member misses all our e-blast info.  As part of the team who puts LCCA e-blasts together, it is disappointing that a member would not want to have access to the club info provided in the e-blast.  We encourage all members to open their e-mail to club e-blasts.
  7. One member indicates he has a difficult time contacting the club via e-mail.  President DeVito constantly encourages member feedback and often will respond to members directly.  Any member having communication issues with e-mail should share this with Dennis.
  8. While most member comments are positive and appreciated, the surprises come when a member makes a comment on something the club never thought was an issue.  The value of this input is one of the reasons the survey questions were initiated.

Actions -

  1. We appreciate all member participation and feedback - the good and well as the opportunities members offered to improve our club.
  2. We will continue poll questions weekly - varying topics often to stay fresh.
  3. We seek feedback - over time, members will have an opportunity to see what the club sees in terms of feedback.
  4. We will publish results and comments (even the negative ones).  We will take every effort to remove personal or identifying info.  As a suggestion, if you want to contact the club, do so in any of a number of ways.  For poll question comments we request open and honest feedback, but keep comments general in nature.  We do not want to tag any individual.
  5. one member suggested more PDF files to print out for various activities and transactions.  We will make best effort to do this - it is a great suggestion.
  6. one member asked for new/different billboard inserts.  Different offerings are coming - we try to print many to get a volume price discount - and this results in limiting options.  We will review our policy.
  7. A number of comments about no Special Events in specific areas.  Remember, the club responds to specific special events requests.  If there are no or limited special events in your area, work to get them there.  The club will support member efforts, but can not on its own initiate special events in mulitple locations.  The special events program was designed to take advantage of member hosting of events.  Contact Al Kolis with an idea and we will see if we can get an event in your area.
  8. Member asks about S-gauge.  This is still an open issue.  With setbacks in Product Development, we must restart the S-gauge effort.  We can use S-gauge articles - if you are in S-gauge, contact Mike Mottler and speak with him about preparing an article.  As  a club, we depend on member participation for publications and articles.

Target analysis -

  1. Our target for this survey was 500 member respondents.  We only reached 67% of that target. 
  2. Our goal for the second question is also 500 member respondents.  We encourage you to take part to meet or exceed this goal.
  3. We encourage members to submit questions - each week we will offer 5-8 questions on a specific target issue.  Feel free to submit a topic.  We have topics set for the next 3-5 weeks but looking for specifics after that.
  4. It is common knowledge that questionnaires and polls can be constructed such as to drive result in a specify way.  We are taking pains to avoid such directed questions in favor of offering real choices.
  5. We encourage members to come back weekly to take our polls, offer us feedback on various subjects and to observe the results we get from our members.