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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! - Indy 2014

You guessed it, the 44th annual LCCA convention will be in Indianapolis, IN in 2014. This center of automobile racing will welcome us the week of July 20 – 26, and the Marriott Indianapolis East will be our home. This will be our first convention in the racing city and it will be a fast paced week. Tours are being planned that will mix both traditional Indy sites as well as those typically enjoyed by train. While I was looking at the city and wondering whether or not you, our members, might enjoy some of the tourist locations around the city, I stumbled across a couple of dining venues that I said had to be on the tours. I know you think all I think about is food, and you are not too far wrong, but I assure you these two spots are top notch and if you don’t agree, then blame Jerry Calkins since he’s in charge of tours. There is Shapiro’s deli that has been in Indy for 107+ years and is a downtown icon. We are planning on having lunch at that delicious spot one day and dare you to leave hungry. The second place is a German restaurant, the Rathskeller that is also a well-known local dining establishment that starts you off with fresh baked, warm pretzels and some of the spiciest and hottest mustard I’ve tasted. To paraphrase the Brylcreem commercial, A little dip will do you.

Many members have asked, “What is there to do in Indianapolis?” To be honest with you, I did not know either at first, but soon found out that this city in the heartland has more to offer than just the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400.  Yes, racing is a major industry and the tourism it brings is important too, but you will discover that the War Memorial is a must see place, especially if you have served any military time. If history is important to you, then the Benjamin Harrison home should not be missed with all its original artifacts including: rug, piano, kitchen utensils, desk and chairs and books, to mention a few. The home is like it was when Harrison returned after being president. Then there is the Indiana RR Museum and the Whitewater Valley RR, so we have trains and automobiles lined up for you to enjoy with more to come.

There are a lot of items still being worked on to provide you memorable tours and an outstanding week in Indy. Did I mention the Indianapolis Raceway? That famous race track will certainly be on the tour schedule with the wonderful museum that houses most of the winners from the Indy 500 races. To see the evolution of the open wheel racers from the first winner to the latest, is to see innovation and science melded together into a truly work of art.

The Convention Committee welcomes all members and their families to Indy in July 2014.  There will be our traditional events and activities, a return of Indy Bob and the now-famous flapper raffle, and a few as of yet unannounced surprises.  Registration will open soon, be on the lookout!

So make your plans now, schedule your vacation and clear your calendar for July 20-26, 2014, and the LCCA’s 44th annual convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be another one you will not want to miss. It seems we have been having one great convention after another and this one will prove, one again, that the LCCA is the best toy train club on the planet.  See you in Indy!

By Bob Carter
Convention Co-Chair RM#6620