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Membership Renewal Forms

Membership renewal notices for those members whose membership expires on December 31, are being sent out this week.  If you have already renewed for another year, thanks.  If you renewed and received a notice on line or in the mail, it most likely crossed in the mail.  The delay in getting renewals for this member cycle was caused as a result of the timing of changing our business office.  I apologize for any concern this may have caused our members.

The LCCA knows a number of our members really do not like to use the computer to process renewals and we want those members to feel comfortable to mail in their payment by check or with a credit card.

If you use the web site and your credit card to renew on line, you will be using our new automated renewal system.  Your card will be immediately processed.  This helps the club in many ways - first, as the system is automatic, there is no need for the business office to process your card off-line saving time and dollars for the club.  Secondly, there is no need to send out a second reminder notice if you sign up quickly.  We appreciate the quick response of the many members who renewed as a result of the e-blast sent out. 

IMPORTANT - when you log onto the member section of the LCCA web site, your member renewal status shows in the upper right hand corner just below the blue search button and near your name.  If you have any doubt as to your status or when your renewal is due, check this official record to verify your membership has been received and your membership has been renewed.

One last thing, Please verify your e-mail address is current and correct.