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LCCA 2006 Convention Tour Program Wins Top Award

A Winning Combination: LCCA, Pink Ladies, and Trains!

The “Pink Ladies” of The Arrangers DMC, a Denver company hired by the LCCA to prearrange and present our convention tour activities, was named the winner in the Best Tour Program category in the 2006 Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME) Achievement Awards. Entitled "Planes, TRAINS, and Automobiles," the entry by The Arrangers DMC represented their creative work with LCCA for tours during the 2006 Convention in the Mile High City.

Quoting from the press release by ADME on the award, "The award-winning tour program was nicknamed 'Planes, TRAINS, and Automobiles' as over 1,200 train junkies, members of the Lionel Collectors Club of America, flew into Colorado and enjoyed a week of specialty tours. The program included six train-related events: four sightseeing and two private layout tours. They toured high and low, near and far. From the Royal Gorge valley and atop the 14,000-feet Pike's Peak via the Cog Railway to the Colorado Railroad Museum and the historic Georgetown mining train, the tours were received as second to none. Twelve tours, totaling over 2,200 guests, showcased the state and made the convention so successful that – even before they left – they began planning for their return."

The awards program is sponsored by an international  association that has over 200 members in North America and Europe. More than 50 entries were submitted for consideration in seven categories.

LCCA takes great pride in the quality of its yearly conventions. For many, it's a once-a-year time to see old friends and celebrate our shared interest in the hobby. Then there's the excitement of award-winning tours especially designed for the LCCA. And don't forget the on-site Convention car, the Lionel seminar, deals at the LCCA Store, the trading hall, the banquet, and the silent auction. It's a long list of fun.

That's why we say, “If you've never attended a convention, you should go to at least one.”

But don't take our word for it. Point yourself and your family to Chicago this Summer and see for yourself!