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Status Report: Latest Info about LCCA 2010 Convention Car

According to Lionel (as of January 28), there will be another delay in manufacturing our 2010 Convention Car because of a production error at the factory in China. We previously believed this car would arrive in the U.S. in early February, but that won’t happen. We cannot speculate at this time about the likely delivery date. Here’s why:

The underlying cause was a production error at the factory in China. The manufacturer erroneously produced this car with silver-and-black trucks instead of all silver. Rather than accept the cars with incorrectly colored trucks, we have directed the factory to correct the situation. We believe it is important for our members to receive Lionel-produced products made to our original appearance specifications and expectations.

LCCA regrets the continuing delay, but we believe our order must be produced according to expectations and clear specifications. Thanks in advance to those members who ordered this car for your understanding, patience, and being a supportive member of the best toy train club on the planet.