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About Turning 65

About Turning 65 ...

Recently a number of loyal LCCA members have contacted our Business Office and asked about “suspension of dues after attaining age 65.” LCCA has never had such a policy, but the club continually seeks ways to enhance membership value for members of all ages.

LCCA hasn't raised club dues in over 16 years; that's right, sixteen! We currently have no plans to do so even though the cost of printing and mailing our two flagship publications exceeds our $30 annual dues. Several of our officers, directors, and appointed officials are 65+, and all of them pay dues. LCCA is, and always has been, a volunteer organization with no paid employees or real estate.

We are aware that another toy train club currently has a dues exemption for its members who are 65+ and have been members for at least 20 years. Their policy has already created significant fiscal problems for them and will continue to do so as their members continue to collect birthdays as well as trains.

The volunteer leaders of LCCA are committed to demonstrating that this organization is far and away the best toy train club value on the planet.

Lou Caponi, President
Lionel Collectors Club of America