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LCCA introduces the 2023 Concord Convention Cars – a 2-Car SET!

The LCCA has announced the 2023 Concord Convention Cars!  Keeping with the LCCA policy of providing convention cars that depict and/or represent railroads or events having a current or historical connection to the convention city/state. For 2023 they are a two-pack of Std O (Standard O) tank cars packaged together in a specially designed LCCA box.  One car is a Southern tank car in heritage paint scheme and the other is a Norfolk Southern tank car in an early heritage scheme.

SKU number for the two pack is 2301120. SKU for the Norfolk Southern tanker is 2301122 and the SKU for the Southern tanker is 2301121.

Features include:

  • Uni-body design tank cars
  • 10.5 inches long
  • Die-cast metal platform
  • Metal safety railings
  • Operating couplers
  • Silver die-cast metal sprung trucks
  • Special LCCA Packaging
  • Standard O
The price for the two-pack is $179 plus shipping of $16.  These beauties are available for pre-order in the LCCA website store now. 


Click Here to order in LCCA Store

Delivery is expected mid-2023