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Lionel LLC Announcement - Postwar Authentics: Conventional Classics

Since I first arrived at Lionel in late 2004, I've been intrigued with the idea of reissuing a series of affordable, authentic Lionel classic postwar engines and rolling stock, made only in conventional mode, and as true to their original condition and characteristics as possible.
I'm pleased to announce that in our next catalog, which will be released this August, we will be re-issuing the first in a three-year series of the very pieces on which Lionel built its reputation for excellence, innovation and authenticity.
Our line of Conventional Classics engines will utilize the actual original tooling whenever possible and will be equipped with legendary Lionel Pullmor motors and the patented Magne-Traction system. Our authentic freight cars and passenger cars will feature postwar-style, die-cast trucks. And true to their storied predecessors, they will be accurately decorated, utilizing authentic road names, the "LIONEL LINES" name, and the original "BUILT BY LIONEL" markings.
Best of all, the new Conventional Classics line will be moderately priced, and among the most affordable products we offer.  To kick off the program, we're releasing four of your favorite sets:
#2124W Brunswick GG-1 Passenger set with Madison cars (1947)
#1562W Burlington GP-7 Passenger set with 2400-series cars (1956)
#2219W Lackawanna FM "Thunderbird" Freight set (1954)
#1484WS Hudson Passenger set with 2400-series cars (1952)

… plus these iconic add-on items:
"Sager Place" Observation Car - the perfect add-on to the GG-1 set
#2445 “Elizabeth” Coach - the perfect add-on to the GP-7 set

… in addition to these rare, memorable locomotives:
#2340 5-stripe Tuscan GG-1
#2338 Milwaukee Road GP-7 with orange band on cab
#2331 Virginian FM TrainMaster with yellow and black decoration

And this is only the beginning. Throughout the next several years, we will add to this new collection of Lionel favorites, all true to their historical predecessors and offered at prices that won't break the bank.
We hope you'll agree … it's the perfect time to rediscover what first got you hooked on Lionel!

Jerry Calabrese
President and CEO
Lionel Electric Trains