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LCCA 53rd Annual Convention will be held in Concord the home of Lionel

The LCCA 53rd National Convention will be held in Concord, NC, the home of Lionel, July 24-29, 2023. Lionel has said they are excited to have LCCA members visit in Concord, not only because they don’t have to travel to another city for their seminar and presentation, but because they are genuinely excited about our visit. They are eager to share all things Lionel with LCCA members and convention attendees. Of course, with so many things to see in Concord and nearby Charlotte, NC, we may barely be able to squeeze some Lionel time into the week.

Lionel has shared they are excited about our visit! They have prepared a video to share their enthusiasm for our visit. In fact, they say it best personally in this video.

The LCCA has held prior conventions (Dearborn 1983 and 2000), near Lionel when Lionel was in Michigan (Clemens/Chesterfield Mi) Those wonderful conventions included extended tours of the Lionel facility where attendees were able to get up close and personal with Lionel operations and staff. What will the LCCA Convention be like in 2023. Might Lionel again open its facility? Stay tuned and check the February ‘The Lion Roars’. Remember, the new LCCA Concord Convention blog can always be reached using #LCCAConcord.

Due to anticipated high demand for tours and events coupled with unusually limited venues, members coming to Concord in 2023 are encouraged to register early.  #LCCAConcord