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Updated e-Track Status as of July 14, 2022

As of July 14th, our e-Track system reprogramming is progressing but is not at the point where a September Interchange Track can be produced. The previous deadline dates for ad submission listed in the May Interchange track (August 6th & 7th) are cancelled.  New deadline dates will be established for ad submission once the system is tested, up and operational.  Continue to monitor the LCCA web site communication page for updates.  The next Interchange Track publication is targeted for November 2022.  This edition will contain listings not published since the March 8th cutoff as well as any new changes made once the system becomes operational up to the newly forthcoming announced deadline.

If you have in the past managed your own listings within e-Track, do not fill out or send to me the forms 1 and/or 2 from the Interchange Track.  Just hold tight and wait until notice is distributed that the system is up, running, and ready for you to edit your listings.  At that time, new deadline dates will be announced, and time allowed for you to edit, add and/or delete old listings prior to the forthcoming publication deadline.

For those members who use the services of the e-Track Editor (myself) to enter and maintain their listings, submit your “Interchange Track Mail-In Ad Forms” or Forms 1 and/or 2 from the Interchange Track publication to me the 1st of October 2022.  Once the system is up, running and operational, I will begin entering member listings.  These include the listings I have already received but that did not appear in the May 2022, Interchange Track.  Rest assured I have your information safely saved and will begin entering ad listings for you as soon as the e-Track system becomes operational. 
Thanks for your patience.

Barrie Braden
e-Track - IT Editor