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Jim Gates Celebrates Another Birthday!

Yes, we all get older, but we all take time out to celebrate birthdays. One person who has affected the life of each LCCA member is its founder, Jim Gates, CM 1. His birthday is coming up and the LCCA BOD has suggested each member consider sending Jim a birthday wish card with he following message.

The LCCA Leadership Team asks all of our members to join us in wishing our founder, Mr. Jim Gates, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Toward the end of June, Jim will be celebrating his 87th birthday.  Jim does not use email so if you would like to drop him a happy birthday wish you may do so via the USPS.  Jim’s address is 1721 Bateman Street, Perry, Iowa 50220.  And a special thanks to all of those members who have already done so!

Thanks to all members for sending a card. And thanks Jim for taking that step in 1970 to start the LCCA. To read about this early history of the LCCA, click here for the full interview from 1995 with Jim as he discusses his actions and thoughts at that time.