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eTrack Status as of April 4, 2022

As you may have observed, eTrack is NOT up and running. Yes, the LCCA did send out an “All Clear” message implying that all web functions were working. In retrospect, this message should have said most transactional and information portions of the web were working, while eTrack is not yet up and running.

eTrack is an independent module that was a known concern, but the resulting difficulty in getting it back online was unexpected. Without getting overly technical, while the eTrack data base is complete, the DLL pipeline to properly display and use this info does not work on our new server. The computer program was compiled and the necessary source code for this compilation was lost over time, making it impossible to use the eTrack program as we moved to our new server (click here for more info). The decision was made to bring the rest of the site up, less eTrack, to allow member access for renewals, convention registrations, and the vast digital publication library.

The LCCA, Barrie Braden the IT editor, and our computer folks are aware of the issues with eTrack and that this important portion of our club’s activities are not working. Certainly, this will have an impact on the items published in the next Interchange Track.

The LCCA web folks are working closely with our new computer support company to find a quick fix or work around to get this important web function up and running. Be assured that the LCCA leadership team is aware of the importance of this issue to many of our members and is working hard to return this function to real time. Several options are being considered to quickly get up and running. At this time there is no forecast as to when the site will again be up and running, but rest assured, efforts are being made daily to put this issue behind us.