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LCCA Announces Covid Policy for the 2022 Convention

Covid Policy for Special Event and Annual Convention

Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA)..

The LCCA takes the safety and wellbeing of all its members seriously. This is especially important when members meet at Special Events with a particular emphasizing personal safety at The Annual Convention and Business Meeting. Covid is difficult to address, with so much uncertainty and with such strong individual personal feelings on how each individual wants to protect themselves from this virus, the goal remains to be consistent, to be fair and to respect the personal beliefs of attendees as we do our best to keep all safe from this or any hazard. 

LCCA Covid Policy for the 2022 Nashville Convention

  1. The LCCA will adhere to all local and federal guidelines on Covid
  2. LCCA supports but can NOT promote “social distancing” on bus or train tours, events, dinners, trading hall.
  3. LCCA and the hotel will provide multiple antibacterial stations in hotel. 
  4. Individuals can provide personal antibacterial cleaners while on tours and outside of hotel.
  5. Masks will NOT be required anywhere but are encouraged if attendee feels the need to mask.
  6. Attendees are encouraged to get fully vaccinated, but this is NOT a requirement.  Vaccination status will NOT be checked.
  7. The LCCA will adhere to any restrictive regulations required by our tour venues. There are no known restrictions with tour venues currently.

We are certainly mindful of the current concerns regarding the virus and may take additional steps in the future.  However, at this time we are using the policy noted above. The LCCA does not offer specific Covid recommendations nor have Covid mandates. You are requested to take any medical precautions that you feel are appropriate, or as prescribed by your physicians

The LCCA Convention Cancellation Policy is available here - Click Here