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DCNR #2 - Daily Convention News Report

The LCCA 2008 Convention is in full swing on day two of our annual gathering in celebration of trains, friendship, and fun. Today's news report is by Ed Richter (RM 13075), a newly elected LCCA Director.

At 9 a.m. this morning we rolled out of the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo and headed for the town of Lockport, NY. We were greeted by the nice folks at Erie Canal Tours and boarded two boats for our trip through locks 34 and 35 on the actual Erie Canal, an engineering marvel when constructed. The two sets of locks took us to the upper canal (approximately 50 feet) in about 15 minutes.

Remnants of the canal's history are evident at every turn. The original horse path could still be seen from our vantage point on the boat. At one time horses pulled the watercraft through the canal and their well-worn route peeked through some of the overgrown vegetation. We sailed under the “upside-down” railroad bridge (we crossed over it during Monday's train excursion) and then went under two lift bridges.

Lunch was pasta, ham, turkey, and corned beef. After everyone finished their meal, we headed for an old cave that supplied water power for three factories dating back to the 1800s. We explored 1,600 feet of this massive underground water system that once provided hydropower to turn water mills and cool the equipment. The factories closed long ago; however, the underground caves are still intact and provide a breath-taking experience.

We had a great time and are looking forward to tomorrow's tours!