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The 50th Anniversary celebration of the Lionel Collectors Club of America continues! As previously announced, the LCCA has purchased several additional model train archives for the exclusive use of our members.   The LCCA released two of these archives on March 30, 2021 and they and the rest of this special presentation remains evergreen on our website.  They will appear in our digital archives along with previously released items.  So, be sure to keep your LCCA membership current!  You don’t want to miss out on this exciting material.  The latest releases will be as follows:

American Flyer “Prewar A.C. Gilbert” Digital Archive

1938-1945 Gilbert Paper Archive

This latest addition to the LCCA Model Train Archive covers the prewar A.C. Gilbert years from 1938 to 1945. This continues the story of American Flyer after the Chicago Era that ended in 1937 with an agreement between W.O. Coleman and A.C. Gilbert.  The archive includes both consumer and dealer catalogs. There’s also a wealth of extra material including catalog envelopes, price lists, more than 50 ads and even a letter from Gilbert to General Douglas McArthur. Bonus features include three booklets that outline Gilbert’s involvement in war production, and the 52-page, Roar of the Rails book published to keep trains in the minds of the public while train production ceased during the war.

Toy Trains Magazine – Complete File

1951-1954 Toy Trains

Toy Trains Magazine began as a monthly publication in November of 1951. The magazine was clearly ahead of its time and received several honors for excellence. Unfortunately, it simply did not garner enough interest from advertisers and at the end of its third year ceased publication as a separate magazine. Toy Trains continued as an enlarged section in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. After the June 1957 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, the Toy Trains section was discontinued. This archive contains all 35 issues of Toy Trains and the sections of Railroad Model Craftsman that included the continuing Toy Train Magazine. There is a wealth of information that will be of interest to toy train operators today. Several iconic photos of Lionel’s 1949 showroom layout are included. 

To access this material:

To access this material members must log onto the LCCA website using their member number and password.  On the Members Only page look to the left where you will see a menu.  Click on Digital Publications.  Once that page opens scroll down to see the various archives.