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LCCA Announces Call for Election Candidates

This year, the following positions will be filled by election: President Elect, Treasurer, Directors (2). The Nomination Committee will begin the process of accepting nominations of qualified members on January 15, 2021, through February 15, 2021.  Any member can nominate a candidate, and any member can nominate himself/herself.  

The following procedure is recommended for anyone seeking a position as an Officer or Director: 

1.  Review a copy of the LCCA Constitution and By-Laws and become familiar with the qualifications, term of office, and duties of the position sought.  This information is provided in the LCCA Constitution and by-Laws found on the LCCA website.  Click Here

2.  Become aware of the deadlines and file all requested information accordingly. Per the By-Laws, one’s intention to run must be announced no later than February 1, 2021.  All information must be received by the Nomination Committee no later than February 15, 2021.  Failure to meet these deadlines may result in rejection of the member's candidacy by the Nominating Committee and/or Board of Directors.

3.  In order to be considered for the office sought, candidates (or the nominator) must provide the information requested per the Guide for Candidate Information Requested found here. It requires a biographical sketch including job and LCCA experience, qualifications for the office, and why he/she is seeking the office, why the candidate feels he/she is qualified, and what he/she want to accomplish if elected. Since space for the candidate’s text is limited, the wording should be brief and succinct. The information on this form will be published as submitted without editing on the election ballot.  A picture of the Candidate will be included on the ballot. 

For details, and questions, contact Bob VerHoef, 2020 Nomination Committee Chairman (email) or Harry Hampson, Club President.