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Drive-in Theater for your Layout Lionelville Citizens

LCCA member Pat Cudzilo (RM 33893) has built a functional drive-in theater on his layout and shows us how to do the same.  For those of us old enough to remember some really pleasant evenings spent with our friends at the drive-in, Patrick's recreation is really a fair representation (if proportionally condensed) of the prototype.  For those of us from Northwest Chicago, the go-to drive-in was the 53 Outdoor Theater.   Patrick calls his drive-in the Y&W Drive-in Movie Theater, a real 3 screen drive-in located near his home in Northwest Indiana, gone years ago but now reborn on his home layout.

The entry gate, the refreshment stand, the outdoor speakers (later ones with self contained heaters for cooler weather), playground for the kids, projection house and all that goes with it are represented in this model.  Smaller, cheaper electronics offers a reasonable correctly proportioned screen.  And with the right cables and connections, actual movies can stream real time to offer a wide variety of subjects, from blockbusters, to cartoons, to even YouTube railroad highlights.

To look at Patrick's drive-in article as he wrote it in the October 2020 TLR with pictures and more - Click Here