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LCCA – Watch the 2020 LCCA Business meeting from August 15, 2020

LCCA 2020 Annual Business Meeting - Virtual and On-line

Each year the club holds an annual business meeting during our convention week.  Since we can’t be together this year, we have sponsored a virtual LCCA Annual Business Meeting. 

Watch or Re-Watch the LCCA 2020 Business Meeting from Saturday, August 15, 2020.  

Here is the link that will direct you to the LCCA You Tube Page to view the meeting:

Our LCCA 2020 Business Meeting was held in the same format as the Lionel Summit broadcasted on July 23, 2020.   We followed our traditional annual business format with your leadership team providing reports on various aspects of club operations.  At the conclusion of the meeting there was an opportunity to submit questions to our Officers and Directors. While none were submitted for the webcast, if you have a question you would like to pose to the leadership team you may send your question to Al Kolis, Social Media Initiatives, Manager & Coordinator.  Al’s email address is akolis619@gmail.comImportant!  Questions must include the member’s name and LCCA member number.

Of special interest to LCCA members, our Convention Team discussed both hotel accommodations at our #LCCA50-1 convention in Scranton and discussed the major tours we expect to offer to attending members and their family.

And, a special thank you to the club’s Photographer & Videographer, Ed Richter, who has been instrumental in this endeavor and with PJ Cybulski who worked with Ed to assist in this production.

All members were encouraged to view this video live.  If you watched it live and you want to see it again, or you just plain forgot to tune in, NO PROBLEM, it can be streamed at the link above.
Your LCCA Leadership Team

Note: Our friends at Lionel did provide the traditional LCCA convention Lionel Summit for 2020 in a virtual format. 
This seminar can be streamed at