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January 2, 2020 E-blast

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Thursday, 02 January 2020
welcome 2020 lcca

Dear Member ,

Happy New Year from your LCCA Officers, Directors and Key Appointees!  #LCCA2020

Click on this link for a special LCCA 2020 Convention message from President Harry Hampson.  After viewing the message close the window to return to this email. 

And check the following link for some great 2020 50th Anniversary Convention information:

In this edition:
  • LCCA 2019! 
  • LCCA 50th Anniversary Gift
  • The January 2020 edition of Interchange Track has been posted to the LCCA website.  All Electronic and Regular Members may log onto the site and view this edition.  On the Members Only page look to the menu at the left and click on Back Issues of Interchange Track.  Enjoy!"
  • 2019 Convention Car
  • 2020 election of LCCA officers/directors! 
  • Angela Trotta Thomas 50th Anniversary Painting Raffle! 
  • Polar Express™ Skiing Hobo Car is just the ticket for a free one-year membership! These cars are available exclusively from the LCCA. Don’t miss your opportunity to add to your Polar Express™ collection today! See the story below.
  • LCCA 2019 Reno Convention Registration Trolley is available for immediate shipping.
  • Lionelville Series #3 Vehicles are shipping now.
  • Special Events Calendar just updated with the new 2019 and 2020 events.
  • Membership Renewals. Be sure you are current!

LCCA 2019!

Your all-volunteer Officers, Directors and Key Appointees want to thank all of our members for their support of “The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet!”  2019 was an exciting and rewarding year for our club as we prepared to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year.  Many folks have been working for the past year to make this a very special celebration and we hope you will participate.  Our Special Event calendar has numerous activities listed which you may choose to attend, our Product Development Team are bringing some exciting new items your way, our Digital Publications contain our 50th Anniversary Gift to the membership and your convention team has put together a spectacular get-together in Omaha, Nebraska!  And don’t forget our great publications, The Lion Roars and Interchange Track which regularly bring club news and views your way.  Yes, it’s shaping up to be a great year.  Your continued membership and purchase of the Lionel produced club products make it possible for the club to prosper.  Thank you, LCCA!

Don’t miss out on your LCCA 50th Anniversary Gift!

Announced earlier this year, in honor of the club’s 50th Anniversary, all members can now view not only our internally produced LCCA documents but also a complete archive of Lionel catalogs, advertising, historic Lionel publications and other items of interest in the colorful life of Lionel and its many offerings over the years.

John Holtmann, the creator of the archives, working together with LCCA Director Bill Schmeelk, has put together two videos. The first highlights the history and creation of the archives and the second is a user guide to get the best out of the collection. To fully appreciate what is offered and get pointers on how to use the archives effectively, take a few moments to watch these videos on our website.  Please don’t fail to take advantage of this wonderful resource provided exclusively to LCCA members and available nowhere else! HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY LCCA!

2019 Convention Car is in stock and shipping now!  Please don’t delay placing your order for this car which has been produced in limited numbers.  And a specialThank You to the many members who have ordered the car.  You should be enjoying it on your layouts!

The Reno Convention Car (Lionel product 1901430) is a Southern Pacific Mint Car!  The club’s latest creation is offered in a first time ever Black Widow paint scheme.  The car is traditionally sized with die-cast trucks and operating couplers.  It carries a silver ore load and it is illuminated!  The price is $84.95 plus shipping with a limit of 2 per member. Shipping for one car is $13.00 and $18.00 for two cars.  Complete details provided in the LCCA online store, and in the October edition of The Lion Roars and the November edition of Interchange Track.  Delivery by December 2019.  Produced in limited numbers so don’t miss out!


1901430 2019 reno convention car 700

2020 Election of LCCA Officers/Directors!

In 2020 the club will be electing two directors and a secretary. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please contact Robert VerHoef, Nominating Committee Chairman at or Harry Hampson, President  The club is always looking for volunteers to enhance “The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet!”

50th Anniversary Painting ZoomImageAngela Trotta Thomas shares her unique and nostalgic art to help celebrate the LCCA’s 50th Anniversary and here’s the scoop!

The club has commissioned our longtime friend and member, Angela Trotta Thomas, to create a special commemorative painting. Just completed, it is a framed 18 by 24-inch oil on canvas which the club will raffle to our membership over the 12 months leading to our 50thanniversary convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  The painting was unveiled at the 2019 LCCA convention in Reno, NV. Tickets are now available through the LCCA online store OR by the special-order form which appears in the December 2019 edition of The Lion Roars and the November 2019 edition of Interchange Track.  Each raffle ticket will be $25.00.  The drawing for the winner of this very special painting will take place at the banquet on the closing evening of the Omaha convention.  You need not be in attendance to win. This is your chance to own an original Angela Trotta Thomas oil commemorating the 50th anniversary of “The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet! ™” Don’t miss out!

 Polar Express™ Skiing Hobo Car

The Lionel/LCCA exclusive Polar Express Skiing Hobo Observation Car is available for sale only through the LCCA!  Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this unique carAND extend your membership FREE for one year.  New members purchasing the car receive a FREE one-year membership. The price of the car is $95.00 which includes the one-year membership (new or extension) and shipping to your home address. Available for immediate delivery.  To order yours call the LCCA business office at 1-815-223-0115 and ask for Cathy Rios.  She is available from 7 AM to 4 PM Central Time, M-F. 

Watch the video of the car below:

polar express skiing hobo car video

polar express

2019 Reno Convention Registration Carson City/Virginia City Trolley

The 2019 Reno Convention Registration Gift is now available for immediate shipment in the LCCA online store.  This is a Lionel bump-and-go trolley carrying the Virginia City name on one side and the Carson City name on the other.  This is the fourth convention trolley in the series of conventions held in Indianapolis, Boston, and Chicago.  Only 400 of these beauties were produced as a keepsake for conventioneers so they are bound to be collectible in addition to a great reminder of the spectacular Reno convention.  The trolley features bumper controlled forward & reverse operation, operating LED headlights, interior lighting with passenger silhouettes and is transformer controlled.  It is a traditional O gauge in size with a minimum curve of 027 and is 6 ¾ inches long.  The trolleys are $99.00 plus $13.00 shipping.

6 58047 Reno Trolly ZoomImage

Lionelville Series #3 Vehicles are here!

These vehicles were introduced at the Reno convention and were a HOT item in the LCCA store.  They are now listed in the LCCA online store selling for $69.00 plus shipping of $13.00. There is a limit of two sets per member so don’t delayBuying two sets? Add $5.00 to the cost of shipping. 

Die Cast 3 Lionelville Set

Special Events Calendar 


  • January 4 & 5, 2020 - LCCA and Lionel at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, Columbus, Ohio - Special Event
  • January 25 & 26, 2020 - LCCA and The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History, Kennesaw, GA  -  Special Event
  • February 8 & 9, 2020 - LCCA and Lionel at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, Chantilly, VA.  Special Event
  • February 15 & 16, 2020 - LCCA and Lionel at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, Hampton, Va. - Special Event
  • February 22 & 23, 2020 - LCCA at the Spring Thaw Train Meet, Allentown, PA - Special Event
  • February 29 & March 1, 2020 - LCCA and Lionel at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour, Saint Paul, MN.  Special Event
  • March 7 & 8 2020 - LCCA at Rocky Mountain Train Show, Denver Colorado  -  Special Event
  • March 21 & 22, 2020 - LCCA at the RealRail train show in Palmetto, FL– Special Event
  • April 4 & 5, 2020 - LCCA at the Train & Toy Show, Omaha, NE  -  Special Event
  • July 19 through 25, 2020- LCCA 50th Anniversary Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  Headquartered at the Omaha Hilton Hotel.  Complete details available in the February 2020 edition of The Lion Roars.


  • July 18 through 24, 2021- LCCA 51st annual convention in Scranton, PA.  Complete details available in the February 2021 edition of The Lion Roars.

The LCCA has sponsored and/or co-sponsored many special events. The date and location of these previous Special Events is available - click here 

Membership Renewal Reminder

If your membership expired on 1/1/2020 it is time to renew! There are multiple ways to quickly renew your LCCA membership and assure you don’t miss out on any of the great LCCA publications, Lionel catalogs, and other club activities.

  • Renew online by logging on to our secure website and follow the prompts. Need a password?  Contact Secretary, Andy Dubill at
  • Log onto the web site and print your renewal form, make needed corrections (if any) and mail with your remittance to the address provided on the form.
  • Call the LCCA business office at 1-815-223-0115 and ask for Cathy Rios. She is available from 7 AM to 4 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday.  The transaction takes only moments.
  • Simply mail a check for $39.00 (Regular Membership) or $25.00 (Electronic Membership) or $51.00 (Foreign Membership) to the LCCA business office at the following address:

Post Office Box 529 
Peru, Illinois 61354-0529

Attention:  Cathy Rios 
Please be sure to write “Renewal” and your member number in the memo line of the check.

Want your renewal form mailed to your home? Contact Secretary Andy Dubill at  He will print your form for you and send it to your home address.

PLEASE NOTE:  The foregoing renewal reminder is a generic message for those folks with a membership expiration date of 1/1/2020. To verify your membership expiration date simply check your latest membership card or log onto the LCCA web site using your member number and password.  Your expiration date appears in the upper righthand corner of the opening page.  Thank you!

 Have questions? 
Need LCCA related assistance?

Electronic Communications 
Editor & President

Harry Hampson



Contact Secretary Andy Dubill at


  Andy Dubill, LCCA Secretary 

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