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Recap of LCCA Modular Articles

6100[6102].pdfLCCA member authors have collectively written numerous articles for The Lion Roars about various aspects of the LCCA Modular Layout.  These authors put together a treasure trove of information about Modular Layouts, its history, improvement options, different ways of building modular units, options on how and where to put power supplies and much more.  The LCCA and the Modular standards developed in 2014 in conjunction with Lionel, LLC are offered to our hobby as a way to present a universal standardized system where a large number of modular units made by many different folks would work as a large integrated unit when brought together.  To do this successfully, all production standards must be readily available to all participants.  These articles are presented are part of a growing depository of general access information on creating and building an LCCA modular that will work with all others. 

Over time, these and other authors will have their future work on the LCCA modular system placed here for easy access and retrieval.  Our web site allows any of these pages to be printed.  Whether you are seeing these articles for the first time or perhaps enjoy the excitement of rediscovering a "lost" or forgotten clip.  If you have an interest in becoming an author or in having your ideas and visions put into print, contact an editor.  If you enjoy the work presented here, consider dropping the authors a line of appreciation.  But in the end, the collection presented here is for your enjoyment.

Modular Layout - David Bjorkman (RM 30924) - Making Forest from the Trees
   Article from April 2 019