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Message from the President


I’m Al Kolis, your new President & CEO of the Lionel Collectors Club of America. Chuck Appolson (RM 11809) introduced this popular phrase “How Ya Dooing?” to LCCA members during our 2004 Convention in Milwaukee, WI, and it has reverberated at every LCCA Convention since then. It’s impossible to go to a Convention and not hear these words in the hallways and exhibition rooms. My sons Alfonse and Vincent met Chuck while doing cannonballs into the pool at the Milwaukee event. Since then, Chuck has become a good friend to me and my family – my wife Gina, and my sons. Thanks to the LCCA, we have been blessed with many good friends through the “best toy train conventions on the planet!” To me, valued friendships are the best fringe benefit of being a member of the LCCA. The people in our club are truly the greatest!

I previously indicated that we will emphasize family involvement and expand our junior member (JM) category. Now is the time to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. In an effort to expand the hobby and promote Lionel trains to younger members, I have created a new position – Junior Membership Coordinator Chairman.

I am proud to announce the appointment of 22-year-old Dominic Caponi from Philadelphia, PA, to serve in this position. Dominic has attended LCCA Conventions since he was four years old. He will add a unique and valuable perspective to our club and present it energetically and effectively to youngsters. He will report directly to me and work with Mike Mottler, <em>TLR</em> editor; Larry Black, IT and web manager; and John Fisher and Eric Fogg, convention co-managers; to encourage kids to participate fully in the club, share photos and create mini-articles for publication, invent activities, and create products of interest to junior members. I believe many LCCA parents and grandparents will rally around this new center of activity and sponsor young family members as junior members. This activity will be an addition to the programs and products of interest to current regular members, not a “take-away.”
I look forward to working closely with Dom and the new LCCA junior members in this endeavor. I am certain he will bring a new perspective and innovative ideas to our club. If you want to welcome Dom to this new position, please e-mail him at:
 Again, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your past support of our great club. I believe we can continue to move forward and make the club even better. If you ever need to contact me, please e-mail me at: Thank you for making the LCCA the best toy train club on the planet.

Always remember rule # 1 – let’s have fun! Are we having fun yet?


Alphonse A. Kolis, President & CEO
Lionel Collectors Club of America