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Message from the President

HOW YA DOOING? Check out the cool video of Lionel’s new layout on our website! The video clip of this massive layout was captured by LCCA director and club photographer Ed Richter (RM 13075).

If you were not able to attend the recent LCCA’s 39th annual Convention in Sacramento, you missed a great opportunity to enjoy this new, impressive layout. Designed and built by TW Design® in Dallas, TX, for Lionel®, this layout made its west coast debut at our event and attracted lots of attention from our members and in the media.

Our members were able to operate the trains via Lionel’s new hand-held Legacy™ command control system. Big kids (Regular Members) and little kids (Junior Members) alike “oohed and aahed” over this layout while we played with the trains through most of the week.

A big “THANK YOU!” goes to Lionel and TW Design® for creating and bringing this phenomenal layout to our Convention. We appreciate them allowing our members to share in the magic of operating Lionel trains and accessories. It truly is a magical experience! This activity is another example of some of the benefits our members receive for attending the best toy train club Convention on the planet.

If you ever need to contact me, please e-mail me at Thank you for making the LCCA the best toy train club on the planet! Let’s remember rule # 1: Let’s have fun! Are we having fun yet?


Alphonse A. Kolis, President & CEO
Lionel Collectors Club of America