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New HSL Program - 50th Anniversary Gift to Members

A Message from our President, Ken Kelley!

While our club’s 50th anniversary isn’t official until next year, we are starting the celebration early, with a very special completely free offering to all our members. This is a dandy! I am happy to announce the availability of a massive digital archive of Lionel catalogs, manuals, etc. from the beginning. This is a 50th Anniversary Gift from the Board and your officers for the use of our members. It will not be sold and is only available to those having access to the members’ only section of our website for their personal use. This archive has been made available to LCCA with the permission of Lionel and from the developer of the archive files.  Most of this data and images can be printed by members on their personal printers.  This information is limited to member personal use, all other rights reserved.  Contact the LCCA to request any other use of this material at

Each of our members will now have instant access to a treasure trove in the LCCA Historical Model Train Archive publications that includes the following:

  • Lionel catalogs from 1900 to 1995. 
  • A complete file of Lionel's first magazine for the model railroading enthusiast - The Lionel Magazine originally published from 1930-1936. 
  • A complete file of Lionel's Model Builder Magazine published from 1937-1949. Including the one and only issue of Model Engineer -  Lionel's original title for the magazine.
  • Lionel's Modern Era Inside Track magazine from 1976-2006 
  • Lionel Consumer Publications from 1937-1969
  • Classic Advertising Archive featuring Lionel, American Flyer and more
  • Lionel's Postwar Service Manual

THERE'S MORE - Be sure to check out the Bonus sections of each archive for even more treasures. Don't overlook the Introductions to each archive for some very informative articles by authors including Roger Carp, John Holtmann and Bill Schmeelk.

Member Bill Schmeelk, instrumental in this project, has written an article (click links below)
 with all the details about this amazing archive resource. This article and more are also included in the February 2019 issue of The Lion Roars.  Members click here for the complete February 2019 issue. Check this out, and enjoy this useful addition to LCCA membership benefits to use, read, study or print out!

Link and go directly to the LCCA Historical Model Train Archive - Click Here and Scroll Down.  

Bill Schmeelk article for more details (February 2019) -

For more information on modifications to the LCCA Digital Portion of the website and how to access other LCCA items in the Digital Archives, click here