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New Haven #209 Passenger Train - Remake from 1958

THE RAREST ALCO A-A Club members may place orders now for the LCCA limited-edition offer of the remake of the Lionel 1958 New Haven #209 Alco A-A passenger train. Two purchase plans are available: payment in full or payment in installments. more

"Halloween" General Set Add-on #1, Sheriff & Outlaw car

When we asked "What can we do to improve the value of the 2004 remake of the Halloween General set?", the answer was "Offer an ad-on car!". more

ONLY FROM LCCA! Vision Line SP Northern!

ONLY FROM LCCA! Vison Line SP Northern! This Lionel VISIONLINE SP “Northern” type #4426 GS-3 Daylight locomotive with its iconic colorful livery and removable décor is only available from the LCCA! It has all the bells and whistles you have come to expect from the Lionel VisionLine including accurate and fine applied details. more