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News from the LCCA Product Development Shop

The premiere of the new three-piece Legacy™ building set is presented to club members in the October 2009 issue of The Lion Roars club magazine. Designed by LCCA and Produced by Lionel® as a limited edition for our members, the set includes a Switch Tower, Crossing Shanty, and Amtrak Passenger Shelter. more

Tips for Operating the New Haven #209 Train

Some members have asked how they can improve the performance of their New Haven #209 train outfit. Here are some suggestions: more

Delivery of the NH #209 Passenger Train

The LCCA Business Office has completecd shipping the NH #209 trains to club members who ordered them. Many members have reported the safe-n-sound arrival of their trains. more

OGR Magazine Article about LCCA

An eight-page article about the LCCA "Halloween" General train is included in RUN 230 of O GAUGE RAILROADING magazine. Author Ed Boyle presented the history of the uncatalogued original "Halloween" General train set produced by Lionel in 1960 for distribution to Gifts Galore stores; then followed-up with LCCA's remaking this important train in creative collaboration with Lionel. more

LATEST STATUS REPORT: Delivery Info about NH #209 Pass'gr Train

GOOD NEWS & GOOD NOISE! Lionel Has Included Bell Sound in the NH #209 Passenger Train more

NEWS UPDATE: Replacement Box Liner & Cannon Car

A replacement box liner for the three "Halloween" General Add-on Cars was mailed in mid-September to members who ordered these cars. The cut-outs of this replacement liner are slightly larger than the original, and it will accommodate the three cars in the box carton without tearing the liner. more

LATEST UPDATE: Shipping the Cannon Car

The cannons in this new car are permanently affixed to the car body, so they cannot get loose inside the car and cause damage. more

Thanks for your orders - New Haven #209 Passenger Train

LCCA thanks all club members who ordered the remake of Lionel's 1958 rare New Haven #209 passenger train - "The Merchants Limited." The order period for this train has closed, but purchasers should be on the lookout for an upcoming notice about three add-on units for this train. more

HEADS UP: 2006 Conv'tn Car - U.P. Auxiliary Power Car

If you purchased a 2006 Convention Car, here's the background ... This car was manufactured in two production runs through the factory in China. Production Run #1 (45% of our total order) arrived at the Lionel facility in Michigan just before Thanksgiving. The cars from Production Run #2 arrived in Michigan a couple of days before Christmas. more

OPEN & INSPECT your LCCA Cannon Car upon arrival