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2023 LCCA Convention and Year End Product

The 53rd LCCA National Convention held in Concord, NC in late July of 2023 was not only highly successful, but it was also noteworthily in so many ways. By the Numbers, 418 members registered (with over 800 in attendance). 2,810 tour seats were sold. 600 attendees were able to visit the Lionel Facility in Concord. The LCCA and its members celebrated this week with the introduction of a number of new and exciting products. more

LCCA introduces the 2023 Concord Convention Cars – a 2-Car SET!

The LCCA has announced the 2023 Concord Convention Cars! Keeping with the LCCA policy of providing convention cars that depict and/or represent railroads or events having a current or historical connection to the convention city/state. For 2023 they are a two-pack of Std O (Standard O) tank cars packaged together in a specially designed LCCA box. One car is a Southern tank car in heritage paint scheme and the other is a Norfolk Southern tank car in an early heritage scheme. more

Airports and Airlines Serving Concord.

Concord is served by both Charolotte International Airport (CLT) and a smaller regional airport, Concord-Padgett (JQF). CLT is serviced by most major airlines, while Allegiant Air flies into Concord-Padgett. more

53rd Anniversary Concord Convention Blog - #LCCAConcord

With our Nashville convention successfully concluded, our focus is now on Concord in 2023 (July 24-29, 2023). Much has already been done on events, tours and commemorative products. This blog will document updates to and will follow the Concord Convention developments. #LCCAConcord more
2022 LCCA NASHVILLE CONVENTION REPORT  (from 8/7/21 virtual meeting)

2022 LCCA NASHVILLE CONVENTION REPORT (from 8/7/21 virtual meeting)

Presentation by Dennis DeVito (HM6758) 2022 LCCA Nashville Convention Chair at the August 7, 2021 LCCA Virtual Business Meeting. more


Presentation by Dienzel Dennis (RM6713) 2022 LCCA Nashville Convention Tour Manager at the August 7, 2021 LCCA Virtual Business Meeting. more

Relive Nashville and a Lionel Greetings to Concord!

Relive the 2022 LCCA National Convention with the LCCA post- convention video. Whether you attended the convention, or just want to see what you missed, this video has it all. It begins with the train ride which launched the convention and provides all the highlights, including most of the venues visited by LCCA attendees. With Nashville successfully over, the LCCA turns their attention to the LCCA 2023 National convention in Concord, the home of Lionel. more
LCCA invites Other Train Clubs to Scranton!

LCCA invites Other Train Clubs to Scranton!

The LCCA invites members of other train clubs to join in the fun and activities promised for the Scranton LCCA convention. Members of other train clubs, both local and national (ie LOTS, TCA, TTOS, NMRA, etc) have the opportunity to take advantage of a limited time opportunity more

LCCA 53rd Annual Convention will be held in Concord the home of Lionel

The LCCA 53rd National Convention will be held in Concord, NC, the home of Lionel, July 24-29, 2023. Lionel has said they are excited to have LCCA members visit in Concord, not only because they don’t have to travel to another city for their seminar and presentation, but because they are genuinely excited about our visit. They are eager to share all things Lionel with LCCA members and convention attendees. more

NASCAR Teams included in Tour 19 include JRM and Team Penske

(Visit shops, museums, pit stops, etc., of the giants of NASCAR. This tour includes stops at two of the most recognizable team names in NASCAR today. The LCCA thanks both JR Motorsports (JRM) and Team Penske for welcoming LCCA Convention Attendees to their shops. Here is more about both teams. more