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52nd Anniversary Nashville Convention Blog - #LCCANashville

With our Scranton convention cancelled (hopefully to be rescheduled in Scranton in the near future) our focus is now on Nashville in 2022 (July 24-30, 2022).  Much has already been done on events, tours and commemorative products.  This blog will document updates to and will follow Nashville Convention developments.  #LCCANashville

5/15/2022 - Register NOW or risk losing out. Dienzel Dennis, our Tour Director, just announced that he must provide final tour numbers for select tours. At that date, the club will purchase tickets based on the number of folks registered for the trip. unsold tickets will be released back to the venue. So, if you plan on attending the 2022 Nashville Convention, make sure to register NOW. Waiting may cost you a tour opportunity. The cut off dates are as posted for unused seats to be returned. Make sure you register a few days before. The first tour to close is the General Jackson - a GREAT dinner cruise  #LCCANashville

      Tour # 1 - Grand Ole Opry -- June 21
      Tour # 8 - Ryman Auditorium -- June 23
      Tour # 9 - Gen. Jackson Boat Tour --June 6
      Tour #16 - Grand Ole Opry Auditorium -- June 27

5/10/2022 - Saturday Registration ScheduleRegistration for the 2022 LCCA Nashville Convention will open at 1:00 on Saturday July 23rd in the Plantation Lobby of the host hotel. The first event of the convention is the Grand Olde Opry tour on Saturday evening. If you are planning on attending, there will be time to get your registration packet. #LCCANashville

4/26/2022 - Don't forget those on the Nashville train trip can enter to win one of 40 seats on the Tennessee Central Dome Car. LCCA will raffle off Dome Car Seats for its Convention Train Ride. The Tennessee Central Dome Car has 20 seats available on the LCCA's Sunday July 24th train ride. These seats are being offered in pairs as prizes in a raffle drawing, offering each member the opportunity to ride in the dome car. The 20 seats are offered for one way, meaning there will be 40 seat opportunities. There aren't many dome cars left, let alone rideable. There will not be many more opportunities to ride in such a style in the days and years ahead! For more Click Here  #LCCANashville

4/25/2022 - Nashville is an easy town to get to - It is easy to get to Nashville from most of the country within 650 miles of 50% of us. If you are flying Nashville Airport (BNA - Barry National Airport) is served by 22 airlines and has 585 daily arriving and departing flights with nonstop flights to 96 airports in North America and Europe. See more 
Click Here  #LCCANashville

4/24/2022 - Hotel Fitness Center -
The Sheraton has a wonderful fitness room - open to all hotel guests. This is in addition to the two swimming pools, one inside and one outside. The fitness room has top notch equipment most set up with TV monitors showing "interactive video runs" and other online streaming features. A few moments between tours, can't sleep, or just want to stay in shape, be sure to stop by.  #LCCANashville

4/23/2022Airport Pickup - The Sheraton offers a FREE shuttle to and from BNA airport.  Shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 4: AM to midnight. Shuttle runs a continuous circuit, but the LCCA recommends calling the hotel and request a pickup after baggage claim at 615-885-2200 ex 3. To get to the shuttle follow the signs to "Level 1" below the baggage claim to ground transportation.  Go out the main door and turn right. Look for Area 2 - Hotel Shuttles. It's an easy walk, just follow the signs. It's located at streel level under the parking garage.  #LCCANashville

4/18/2022 - Overnight Parking
at the Sheraton Music City Hotel has been waived for LCCA Convention Attendees during the Convention. For those with rooms, the room key will be programed for no charge parking. For the local Nashville members, vouchers will be available. For those attending the public train show on Saturday, parking restrictions will be limited. Hotel parking is normally $16.00 per night.  #LCCANashville

4/3/2022 - 
Hotel Room Rate Addendum. It is clear LCCA members are eager for a convention! After a two-year hiatus, the pent-up demand has been unleashed, to an even greater degree than we convention planners could have expected. And that kind of success often comes some growing pains. The contracted Hotel room book for Friday - Monday (July 22-25) has been exceeded. the LCCA was able to contract for more room nights on these days, but at a higher price.  Read Here for more detail. If you are coming and staying over from Saturday night (July 23) to Monday night, you need to make TWO reservations, one for each period. Best if you call the Hotel room manager as described in the above link. (Updated 4/6 - Monday July 25 is now also available a the higher rate.)  #LCCANashville

3/31/2022 - Hotel Rooms Friday and Saturday July 22/23Due to the extremely positive reception to the LCCA tour to the Grand Old Opry on Saturday night (July 23) and the following Sunday Train Ride on the Tennessee Central, club member registrations have exceeded our contract book on these nights. Couple this with the carryover at the hotel from the prior week’s convention and the rooms the hotel reserves for airline staff, there are almost no more rooms available those evenings at the hotel. The hotel has indicated that there will be a significantly higher cost for rooms on those dates. The club is working to make sure that if there is any increase, it will be highly challenged and negotiated. Attending members are encouraged to make room reservations as soon as they decide to come to Nashville. Remember the club rate extends 3 days before and 3 days after the convention. #LCCANashville

3/30/2022 -ADDITIONAL CONVENTION TOURS ADDED Incrementally added alternative tours on Monday July 25. Monday July 25th Tour 3 (Capital, Union Station, and Parthenon Tour) and Tour 4 (The Home Layout Tour) are full, sold out and closed.  Identical alternative Tours 17 and 18 are being offered on the same day in the reverse order. Tour 3 (Capital, Union Station, and the Parthenon) will be repeated as Tour 18 (2:30 PM to 6:00 PM). Tour 4 is being replaced by Layout Tour 17 (7:00 AM – 1:00 PM). The LCCA wants to offer every opportunity for every member and has been able to work with the home layout and tour venues to offer incremental tours to meet the need to have room for all.

The LCCA appreciates the members who are opening their homes for us to visit during our Convention Week and Thank Them and their Spouses for their additional time and effort to accommodate us all. #LCCANashville

2/16/2022 If you plan on attending the Saturday July 23, 2022 Grand Old Opry tour, it is set from 6:00 PM to10:00 PM. The LCCA has a large block of seats reserved for this performance, enough for our entire convention. But as the date approaches some of the contracted book will be released back to the Opry. Any seat not sold that remain in the reserved booking must be paid for by the club.  This means that as the convention gets closer, there will be limits put on the tour. As of now, no reduction will be made before the end of March. Expect cutoff by mid-June. #LCCANashville

2/11/2022 - Hotel registration is done by each member. Details on our Host Hotel can be found on the Hotel Registration Form - Click Here. #LCCANashville

2/10/2022 -
The LCCA opens convention registration! As we look forward to Nashville and all the city has to offer, it is time to register and sign up for the tours of your choice and the club events. Whether the Grand Old Opry on Saturday, the train ride on Sunday or any of the other 14 tours, there is a tour for every taste. A few venues have limits on the number of people they can handle and as a result, some tours have limits - and when those limits are met, the tour will be sold out. Register, sign up early and get your seat! It's been a long three years but won't be long now! Get the info you need to get started on registration by Clicking Here #LCCANashville

2/8/2022 - LCCA announces its 2022 Convention Car - a highly decorated, colorful mint car highlighting our train trip and the golden wonders of Nashville. This car has top of the line features and will be appreciated by those who find Nashville the wonderful place that it is. Be sure to check out this limited production Lionel car made exclusively for the LCCA to celebrate its return to live, in person conventions after 3 years. #LCCANashville

For more on this car - Click Here

2/4/2022 - LCCA releases first pictures of the 2022 Convention registration gift, a beautiful Red RJ Corman gondola with coil covers. This car will be given to the first 400 members who register for the convention and stay three nights in the Host Hotel! Will this be the only RJ Corman branded car at the convention? Don't think so but let's wait and see. 

More on this and other RJ Corman cars Click Here  #LCCANashville

2/3/2022 - LCCA Announces its 2022 Annual
Convention Schedule for Nashville. A full week of tours and events starting on Saturday with a visit to the Grand Old Opry and ending the following Saturday with the Gala Banquet. be sure to check out all the activities planned for this exceptional week in July 24-30, 2022!  Click Here   #LCCANashville

2/2/2022 - LCCA restates its Convention and Cancellation Policy. Members are encouraged to register early to get the best selection of tours and to allow the club to work with venues to ensure the best possible tour experience. The LCCA understands that sometimes, even the most solid of plans change and a member who registers in a timely manner would need to change or cancel their reservation. if you need a change or to cancel your convention registration, do so by May 31. There is NO CHARGE to change any tour or event prior to May 31. Read the Cancellation Policy - Click Here.  #LCCANashville

1/15/2022 - Nashville Hotel Optional Room Upgrades - For those attending the LCCA Nashville Convention, we will be staying at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville (777 McGavock Pike, Nashville TN, 37214). The hotel will be releasing its booking block to coincide with the release of the February TLR allowing us to book our rooms directly on the Host Hotel website developed exclusively for the LCCA. This site will provide hotel information and will allow our members to register directly on the site at the club contracted book rate of $149.00 per night (plus tax).

As in past years, this attractive room rate is available for the three days prior (as early as July 19) and the three days post-convention (as late as August 3) for members who would like to come early or stay in Nashville for their own personal activities.

For the first time, members will HAVE THE OPTION of getting the same standard size rooms facing the interior courtyard (for an additional $5.00 per night - $154 total per night) or of a considerable room size upgrade to a much larger junior suite for an additional $50.00 per night ($199 total per night). THIS CHOICE IS ENTIRELY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MEMBER. THE CLUB STILL OFFERS THE STANDARD HOTEL ROOM FOR ALL MEMBERS AT THE CONTRACTED PRICE OF $149. THE CLUB DOES NOT BENEFIT IN ANY WAY IF A MEMBER ELECTS TO GET AN UPGRADED ROOM. The hotel will continue to offer the $149 rate up to the full extent of the contracted booking with the LCCA to those members who do not select the upgrades. Read More on this - The full story including photograph images is available - Click Here  #LCCANashville

1/14/2022 - The LCCA Nashville Convention Logo pin has been received. This pin, in the shape of a guitar pick proudly shows the LCCA logo on the front of a Tennessee Central Diesel, complete with city backdrop and the year as the engine number. The pin in the back was to be placed offset to prevent rotation, and it was well placed on the pin. Each of the first 400 members who register for the convention will receive a pin in their convention packet at registration.  #LCCANashville

pin in hand pin back

12/16/2021 - The LCCA Nashville Convention Trading Hall will again be open EXCLUSIVELY to ALL CONVENTION MEMBER ATTENDEES on Friday evening and again for one-hour early Saturday Morning.  During this time, entry to the hall will be allowed ONLY with a convention registration pass. These two opportunities to be among the first to enter the hall and start trading are a Direct Benefit of Convention Registration. Of course, immediately at 9:00 on Saturday morning, any LCCA member is invited and welcome to attend the trading hall along with the general public. Should a member who did not register for the Convention show up during this exclusive period and want to attend, they MUST register for the convention.  Doing so might make them eligible for the convention gift. Be sure to register for Nashville early and be among the first 400 members who might qualify for the exciting, unique and valuable Convention Gift and be among the first to visit the hall.    #LCCANashville

 - Reminder - Save the Dates - July 24-30, 2022 for the LCCA Nashville convention.  The hotel is located near the airport with free airport shuttle.   A beautiful hotel, two pools (one indoor), great views, wonderful space for events, for the modulars, for the trading hall and one of the largest ballrooms in the area - plenty of space for all our activities. For Nashville, our convention starts on Sunday, one day earlier than in the past, giving us more opportunity to see the town. Do Nashville right, check out the 16 tours, and be ready to make your reservations.   

12/12/2021 - The LCCA Nashville Convention tour calendar and definitions are now finalized. This detail will be the headline of the February issue of The Lion Roars. Stay tuned on an extended Sunday train ride and multiple layout tours.  #LCCANashville

12/09/2021 - One of the most well attended events of the LCCA Convention is the Lionel Seminar, a 2-hour exclusive presentation to Convention attendees by Lionel. Lionel is again planning on attending the Nashville convention in July presenting another engaging seminar to attendees. Wonder what they will surprise us with in July?  #LCCANashville

11-23-2021 - The 2022 Nashville convention tours are being finalized. Dienzel has suggested there will be something for everyone.  City tours, special tours, Music tours, Historic tours, and of course the Sunday special train ride.  And a few EXTRA special tours yet to be announced. Dienzel said to expect 16 tours consisting of 28 venues for your entertainment, enjoyment and education. #LCCANashville

11-22-2021 - Discussions are being finalized on details of the modular layouts. An exceptionally large area has been reserved in Nashville for the layout. There are expectations of 60 or more modules, with the target of 85!  Can it be achieved? The prior known largest single modular was 54 modules (set in Chicago).  Will there be one HUGE layout? Will there be a number of smaller layouts? Will there be a mid-week transformation?  So many possibilities.  #LCCANashville

11-10-2021 - The pre-convention activity is picking up.  Today the convention pin order was released and will be ready in time for registration.  The pin is in the shape of a guitar pick and carries the LCCA 20212 Nashville Convention Logo.  The pin manufacturer did suggest the stick pin be raised off center so the pin will not rotate on a shirt or badge - a great idea that was implemented.  We were advised the option to prevent pin rotation would be to have two stick pins, something that would work, but not easy to mount.  #LCCANashville

8-7-2021 - The LCCA holds its Annual Business Meeting virtually. This meeting discussed the convention, talked about the need for volunteers but most excitingly spoke about the many tours planned for convention week!  From train rides to the Corvette museum, from Nashville music events to plantations, from Honky Tonk to museums, Riverboats and Opry, the LCCA 2022 Nashville convention will touch so many different places.  Read below for more info. Included in multiple segments on the Nashville 2022 Convention is that our traditional train ride will be held Sunday - July 24th, a day earlier than normal.  This Sunday trip allows for a much longer, much better trip on rail that is not available during the week.  To ensure a superior tour and extended ride, Sunday was the only viable option.  Read more about this and much more in the stories below.  #LCCANashville

 - Convention Report from August 7 Business Meeting - presented by Dennis DeVito (HM6758) - Click Here

 - Convention Tour Director Report - presented by Dienzel Dennis (RM6713) - Click Here

 - Convention Volunteer Coordinator Report - presented by Tim Fuhrmann (RM25937) - Click Here

Of course you can view the entire business meeting by Clicking Here.

7-15-2021 -  The 2022 LCCA Nashville logo has been released.  It is in the shape of a guitar pick with Nashville over its skyline and a Tennessee Central diesel.  The nose of F-Unit shows 2022 on the number board and 50+2 (a reference to our rescheduled 50th anniversary convention in Omaha).  This 2022 Convention logo will appear in all publications and the website, all convention badges and signage and of course made into a commemorative pin.  Goal is to place the pin stick high on the pin so it does not rotate when worn. #LCCANashville

-  The logo and the pin design for the Nashville Convention has been approved and will soon be on LCCA correspondence and print work.  In honor our host city, this logo will be in the shape of a guitar pick representing the music history of Nashville.    As Nashville is more than just music and has so much more to offer, the logo will have a train on it (of course) and highlight Nashville in 2022.  Speaking of trains, Nashville will offer convention attendees an opportunity for an EXCEPTIONAL train ride.  And to see Nashville from every viewpoint, a riverboat offering will take us downtown and then some - lets expect good cruising weather!  This and much more await members attending in 2022. #LCCANashville 

5-28-2021 - This is Memorial Day Weekend, remembering our Fallen Heroes,  it is also the time when our final Nashville logo and pin designs were selected and submitted for final approval.  During the past month, Dienzel, our Convention Tour Director, has been working to select the best Nashville has to offer for our tours.  A few areas have been locked in with contracts, but there are a number of sites still under consideration.  #LCCANashville 

5-18-2021 - The entertainment for the Get Acquainted Party has been contacted and they have agreed to perform not only for the GAP, but also may be available for other events and venues during the week.  More on this in upcoming blog postings.  


5-10-2021 - Work has begun to design and prepare the Nashville Convention logo.  As in prior years, there will be a logo created that will be used for all print, publication and web site references to the convention.  And as in past years, a pin with the logo will be created for members who would like a small, but permanent memento from the convention.  These pins have become quite collectable over time and with the expectation of a large attendance as the country opens up and everyone would like to travel, this year will be no exception.  #LCCANashville

4-22-2021 - The preconvention site inspection team is back home, but in many ways work has just started.  Certainly, the site selection has been completed, as well as the hotel contracts back in 2018.  Now that the convention clock has started running, venues are being considered, day and night tours looked at, and notes are being reviewed to decide which venues will make the final cut.  GAP entertainment, banquet menus, location in the hotel of various activities, (registration, modular layouts, store, etc) are being finalized.  We have moved from a forward looking posture to now starting to establish the details and specifics that make the convention special.  #LCCANashville

4-15-2021  After 2 days, it was confirmed that there are far more exciting things to see and to tour in Nashville that can fit into a 6 day convention.   Nashville claims about itself "Nashville’s connection to music is unequaled, and its reputation as Music City has been consistently proven for over 200 years. Welcome to the city where music is written, recorded and performed every single day. Welcome to Music City".  This may be true, but the recent trip to Nashville also determined that there is so much more to see in Nashville that is independent of its claim as the Music City!  There is So Much More in Nashville than Music.  Members attending will not be disappointed.  #LCCANashville

4-13-2021 - The LCCA sent a preconvention site inspection team to the 2022 Nashville hotel.  Goal was to review scheduled hotel lobby renovations.  A solid was was removed that separated the hotel lobby from the hotel restaurant. The removal of this wall opened up the sight lines from the entrance where you can now view past the lobby and restaurant right into the pool area.  A second task was to  the readiness of the hotel and its staff in light of Covid and the resulting disruption in the leisure industry and in particular this hotel.  The team reported that the hotel is still at somewhat normal operations and is expected to be ready in July 2022.  All reserved rooms for events and actives were confirmed.  A third purpose was to start the tour selection process, to find what was available, how to select the venues to tour and how to schedule the many alternatives in a meaningful way.  Multiple sites in the Nashville area were reviewed with local county officials. #LCCANashville

2-9-2021 - LCCA announces that after the cancellation of the anticipated 51th Anniversary Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania, our next convention will be held in Nashville, Tennessee,  The celebration of the 52th Convention will be a major event in the history of the club as for the first time it will be 3 years since we last met .  All members are encouraged to "save the dates" (July 25-30, 2022) and meet in Nashville in 2022!  Reminder, the 2022 Nashville convention dates returns to the fourth full week in July.  To read more about the Scranton cancellation - Click Here.  #LCCANashville