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Lionel sends 2021 Catalog to LCCA Members

Lionel has announced its 2021 Catalog and has it posted on their website.  It is also available for LCCA members to first log on the LCCA site and going to the Digital Publications page (Digital Publications ( or by just Clicking Here!  As in prior years, Lionel has sent the 2021 catalog to all LCCA addresses (US and Canada only) with current active memberships on record at the business office on November 6, 2020.  They are in the mail and if not received already, they should arrive shortly.

Each LCCA member has been getting one year of Lionel catalogs as a benefit of membership. There is a cutoff date for current member addresses submitted to Lionel for catalog distribution.  New and restated members after this date will not receive current year catalogs, but will get the next catalog issued.  This year the cutoff date was November 6, 2020.  If you joined after this date, you will receive catalogs sent from Lionel through the next cutoff date.   For more information on the LCCA policy for Lionel catalog distribution, Click here.

To ensure you receive any and all LCCA mailings, including Lionel catalogs, be sure to keep your LCCA membership current.  You can see your dues renewal date each time you log onto the LCCA website.  It is in the upper right hand corner of the website home page.