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$50.00 Rebate Coupon

The LCCA has sent $50.00 coupons to LCCA members who purchased BOTH the Burlington powered and the dummy sets.  This coupon was just released by Lionel and is good for $50.00 rebate directly from Lionel on a future purchase in the next 12 months from a Value Added Lionel Dealer.   The terms of this coupon are that the LCCA member must make a single purchase at one time for a Lionel item(s) costing $500.00 or more from a Value Added Lionel dealer.  Most any Lionel item is included in this offer including locomotives, rolling stock, accessories, sets, electronics, etc.  Make sure to get a receipt for your purchase.

Fill out the coupon and include the product purchase receipt, mail directly to Lionel and the LCCA member will receive a $50.00 check directly from Lionel.  Do not forget your LCCA member number on the coupon.

If you have questions re: the $50.00 coupon, what it applies to, or how to complete the form, please contact Lou Caponi.  Please do not call Lionel.  Be advised this coupon will expire on September 1, 2012.  Be sure to use it before then to claim your rebate. Lou can be reached at 484-431-8529 or CAPONILJ@COMCAST.NET