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LCCA Releases the Banquet Trolley from the 51st Convention in Scranton

The 51th Annual Convention in Scranton was Covid Cancelled, but not before the LCCA had produced its traditional banquet gift, a bump and go trolley in the exact reverse colors of the 2021 Scranton Registration gift. If the convention was held, one person at each banquet table would have become the proud owner of one of this limited production Banquet Trolley to go along with their 2021 registration trolley gift - A MATCHED PAIR!

This Banquet Trolley is now Available for Immediate Delivery!  This Lionel/LCCA 2021 Convention Banquet Trolley is a limited-edition Lionel Bump-and-Go trolley made exclusively for the LCCA by Lionel.  It is the same blue and yellow as the 2021 registration gift and has a Scranton 'The Electric City' logo on each side in the middle but in the reverse colors of the 2021 Registration Trolley.  This is the fifth convention banquet trolley adding to the Reno, Chicago, Boston, and Indianapolis editions.

At the convention, 50 fortunate members would have received the registration gift and banquet trolley. There was no banquet so now any member can have the same matched pair of these colorful trolleys, ready to run on any layout.  

The registration trolley deco was inspired by a real Scranton Tolley being restored at the Electric City Museum - For much more on this work - Click Here.  Image on Top is the 2021 banquet gift being offered and below is the 2021 registration gift. Remember, the 2021 Scranton Registration gift is also available at the LCCA Web Store LCCA Web Store           


How to Order

The traditional sized trolley has all the features you have come to love in Lionel’s bump-and-go trolleys. You may order online at the web store Click Here or by calling the LCCA business office at 1-815-223-0115 and asking for Cathy Rios. The price of this very special trolley is $149 plus $14 shipping. Extremely limited availability so don’t miss out!  They are in our warehouse and available for immediate delivery. Buy one of each and save on freight.